Analysis and Performance

For my investigation I asked a friend if he would like to take part in an analytical

study of himself in cricket and he said he would.

My friend generally plays as an opening bowler who’s job in league cricket is to bowl

economically and efficiently.  To carry out this task efficiently and many others

needed when playing cricket a variation of different skills are required.  For example:

  • A good knowledge of the players which you are playing with as this will

enable better teamwork and communication when running between the wickets

and calling.  

  • Must have good hand eye coordination.  This is needed for a number of things,

such as, fielding the ball, throwing, catching, bowling and playing shots when

batting.  These essential skills are required by all players on a cricket team

  • Flexibility and agility are key components of fitness required by a cricket

player as they need to have the ability to perform a series of explosive movements

in rapid succession in opposite directions when chasing a ball in the field and

returning them.

  • Power is also required for throwing the ball and playing a variation of shots
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when batting as the ability to exert maximum muscular contraction in one

explosive movement is needed.

I explained to my friend that I would be watching his performance during a training

session so that I could calculate what sort of level he was playing at.  During the

session I focused on his abilities in both batting and bowling.  I found that he was

much better in his abilities to bowl the ball than he was when batting so I decided to ...

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