Karl’s many strengths include a very good smash shot which is hit superbly with tremendous accuracy just before the tramlines which then opponent can not return the shuttle cock back over the net this is because the shuttle his hit with lots of power because of the precise timing of the shot, the transference of the body weight by following through into to the shot and the flick of the wrist on the impact of the shot. Karl’s other many good talents in badminton is the awareness of the opponent and this is a key factor is why he is a good player he always knows where his opponent is with really looking because he hits a shot at a direction and if it returns back to him he hits it at the other direction which leaves the opponent vulnerable and a good mind picture of the court.

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The very few weaknesses in Karl’s play is his serve, he does not really do a short serve or a long serve it always seems to land in the middle and a opponent is left to smash the shuttle but Karl’s excellent reaction gets the shuttle over the net. If Karl is told to do a short serve it seems to hit the net or land in the middle. This could to Karl’s grip, or angle of the racket or because he just wants to get on with it as he is inpatient.


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