Analysis of Performance

A1 Planning:

Week Beginning


Week 1


Plan Analysis of Performance project/ Written investigation

Observe performance in long jump of a perfect modal against a performance of a pupil taking part in long jump.

Week 2


Observe partner performing in 5 core skills for football.

Complete observation sheet showing strengths and weaknesses of partner's performance.

Week 3


Observe partner performing in 5 core skills.

Film partner performing core skills with the camcorder.

Week 4


Observe partner performing in 5 core skills for football vie DVD recording. Update observation sheet.

Devise quantative data sheet.

Week 5


Research elite performance /technical modal on the 5 core skills of football.

Observe partner performing core skills and fill out quantative data sheet.

Week 6


Update analysis of core skills using quantative data sheet.

Observe perfect modal with partner.

Week 7


Identify and justify two main weaknesses of my partner in the 5 core skills.

Week 8


Select the most appropriate area for development.

Use resources available to help improve performance in selected weakness.

Week 9


Carry out analysis of partner's performance in a game situation and identify weaknesses.

Provide a justification for choice of greatest weakness and emphasize benefits to performance.

Week 10


Complete write up of project explaining why the project should have a positive result on my partner's performance.

Complete section C and D of project.

This can be psychological as well as physiological.

Complete bibliography.

Week 11


To carry out an analysis of pupils performance in a game situation and identify weaknesses.

Complete evaluation for section D1.

Write up justification and focus on developments.

B- Observation:


Core skill 1: Passing, Receiving and Control.


Accurate passing, using full body and follows through for flat and lofted passes.

Allowing time for each pass, leading to accurate passes.

When receiving the ball her foot is too high, she also tries to control the ball with her toe.

She is finding it hard to stop the ball with her left foot.

Technical Model:

Brazil: 1970 World Cup

Making passes to players that are free, this therefore creates a space.

Allowing full control of the ball before passing it onto another player.

Able to receive with both inside and outside parts of their feet.

Able to use both feet to pass, receive and control the ball.


Preparation and stance: as the attacker is waiting for the ball, she is on her tows, ready for the ball to come at her. This would be good in a game situation as she would be alert and able to receive the ball quicker as she is more alert on her feet.

Head and eyes: her eyes are on the ball, with a straight head waiting for the ball. Sometimes losses her head position as she losses focus, allowing her eyes to wonder and fully loss concentration.

Torse (body): her hands are away from her body, as she is leaning into receive the ball and is unable to keep her stance straight.

Her feet are apart, allowing more control of the ball which will be easier.

Legs: my performer is stopping the ball with her toe, rather than the side of her boot, allowing her to control the b all. By stopping the ball with her toe, it dose not fully stop the ball, allowing less control.

Outcomes of passes: Most of the passes are accurate and at the right length and power, but sometimes she losses concentration and passes the ball to the opposition.
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Receiving passes: when receiving the ball she is not fully aware of where the ball is going to fully stop. This is due to not being able to judge how powerful the ball has been kicked and how accurate the ball has been placed.

Control of pass: still trying to control the ball with the toe. This is not a good away of controlling the ball, as it is not fully stopped; it can go under the foot and will hurt the foot.

Technical Model:

Preparation and stance: as the attacker is waiting for ...

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