By Pelumi Olaosun

Analysis of Performance

Performer’s name: Maisie Q

Activity to be analysed: Netball Game (WA)

Skills and Techniques Required:

To play a sound game of Netball, you need a range of both attacking and defensive skills. There are many other aspects, which are required to ensure a good Netball player. For example agility. This is a very important component, as agility is needed in a variety of circumstances. A Netball player needs to be able to get free and receive a pass from their team member. To do this, a high level of agility is required. Also, a high level of co-ordination is needed to be a good Netball player. This is because, it is sometimes necessary to receive a pass whilst running and also landing with the correct footwork, and therefore co-ordination is an essential and important component.

Balance is also a key aspect of a Netball player. The ability to maintain equilibrium is needed to receive passes that may not have come whilst in a comfortable position. Another important aspect of Netball is the reaction time of a player. For example, situations may occur when a player will need to react, either to a mistake made by the opponents or by a member of her own team. Endurance also plays an important role to many members on the team. For example, a centre player would need a lot of endurance and also cardiovascular strength, as they will be required on all three thirds of the court. Also, speed is also necessary to different players as sometimes it is essential that a player will need to recover the ball. For example, in order for a player to win a toss up she will have a better reaction time than her opponent. Reaction time is also useful when dodging, intercepting and shooting. There are also a variety of passes that can be used in Netball, for example if you notice that most members of the opponents are quite tall, it is wise to concentrate and mainly use bounce passes. If you notice that most members are short, you can do overhead passes.


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A sound game also requires awareness and the ability to apply and carry out tactics where needed. These tactics include, the knowledge of how and when to apply attacking skills and defensive skills. For example, if it is your centre pass as (WA), the player needs to attack and sprint, dodge or use any tactics to get the ball. Whereas, if it is not your centre pass as (WA), the player needs to defend and mark her partner closely, as she may run up in attempt to get the ball. Also the ability to make use of the weaknesses of ...

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