Analysis of performance related to sport.

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SECTION ONE:  Analysis Of Performance


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  • Rules and Regulations
  • Terminology and Tactics
  • Analysis and Evaluation
  • The Perfect Model
  • Planning and Training

Rules and Regulations.

Rules of The NBA (BritishBasketballLeague)



A basket scored during normal play is called a Field Goal, and is worth 2-points. A shot executed from behind the base-line (a 6.5m arc), is rewarded with 3-points as recognition for the extra effort needed. When fouls are commited the referee may decide to award a free-throw to the fouled player, and for each free-throw (taken from a distance of 4.6m from the basket) actually made 1-point is awarded.


At a proffessional level, each match is split-up into four quarters each consisting of 10mins, with a two minute gap between the 1st and 2nd quarters followed by a fifteen minute interlude (during which a half-time show is usually performed), and finally another two minute gap between the 3rd and 4th quarters. Another time factor is the out-of-play clock that is used in this sport, which means that whenever the referee blows his whistle the clock is stopped until a player on the court touches the ball once play is re-started.

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Every team is made up of ten players however only five of them can be on the field at one time. The teams coach can make substitutions at any time in the game, provided they wait for an appropriate stoppage in play.


Basketball is theoretically a non-contact sport, but in reality induvidual conflicts during play often result in "contact". But because of the theoretical balance, the referee will call a foul against a player who makes contact with their opponent (mostly through an unnecerssary challenge). Deliberate contact is penalised and any unsportsman-like behaviour by coaches or players can ...

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