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aquiring & performing movement skills batting

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Acquiring and Performing Movement skills The forward defence This stroke is the basis from which all other shots played off the front foot are developed. It therefore makes common sense to ensure that it is perfected BEFORE moving to other attacking strokes. Just like a house, the technique needs a solid foundation, and if a batsman cannot defend well, he will not progress to the next level. The forward defensive shot is the basis of all forward play. It is played to the straight ball, which is not far enough up the bat to drive. The objective is to drop the ball dead in front of the bat. It always seems so basic to play the forward defence with so many other options available. In any long innings played by a quality batsman, he cannot expect to attack every delivery bowled to him. Essential Skills Preparation Phase- The stance and back-lift * A balanced stance is essential. The feet should be equidistant of the batting crease. ...read more.


Back and across movement - the shuffle on the right foot - is generally executed when facing fast bowlers, otherwise one can anticipate the line and length. 1. Take a stride forward and sideways to get in line with the path of the delivery. The head leads the shot, if the head is in the right position the body will follow 2. At the point of impact when ball meets bat, the head should be over the ball and balanced. 3. The bat should be next to the pad with no gap between. 4. The back foot should be parallel to the crease. 5. The front elbow should point in the direction that the ball will follow and be high. 6. The hips should not be square to the bowler, but rather aligned with the direction from which the ball has been delivered. 7. The front foot must point in the direction from which the ball has come and most of the weight should be on the front foot. ...read more.


The kit needs to be worn, i.e. helmet, gloves, pads and even whites, if they are to get used to match play conditions, a real cricket ball is now also required. Throw-downs by a coach or someone else are great places to start. These are deliveries which are just thrown down at the pitch in certain areas to get you used to the ball speed and weight of the bat. These are not fast deliveries but at an easy pace to get in the flow. A bowling machine can now be used which can be set at speeds for your ability of batting, it can vary the line, length, bounce and speed. This is a good training apparatus as it improves reaction speed which is paramount when facing fast bowling. Advanced An advanced player can now face a bowler at a slow speed then gradually increase speed to perfect the forward defence. Once perfected the player needs to continue practicing the forward defence regularly so it becomes fixated in the long-term memory and thus comes naturally in a game situation. ?? ?? ?? ?? spidy Page 1 of 5 ...read more.

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