Unit 8: Practical Team Sports – Football                Student Name: Josh Currie

P1/M1 – Task 2(B) – ATTACKING


PASS – describe the tactic

It is a technique that can be especially effective for a team with either fast or tall strikers. The long ball technique is also a through pass from distance in an effort to get the ball by the defensive line and create a foot race between striker and defender. Whilst often derided as either boring or primitive, it can prove effective where players or weather conditions suit this style; in particular, it is an effective counter-attacking style of play in which some defenders can be caught off-guard.

MERIT – explain 3 advantages and 3 disadvantages of this tactic

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PASS – describe the tactic

The aim of this type of football is to catch the opponent on the "break". When they give away possession in midfield or attack, opposing players will tend to be further up the field than usual and may not be able to quickly adjust to a defensive mindset. Counter-attacking football may involve leaving one or two strikers near the half-way line in the hope that a through ball can be played to catch the opponent ...

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