Bad Ethics and Values


The final of the district football league takes place in Stevenage Borough ground between year 12 Collenswood and Barclay. There has been much anticipation to the match as the two schools are rivals. At half time the score is 0-0. The players come back on to the pitch the Barclay striker is in the penalty box, where he is tackled by the Collenswood defender who is also their captain. The referee awards a penalty to Barclay. Barclay scores it. The Collenswood captain doesn’t agree with the official’s decision and begins to argue and be abusive towards the referee in front of his team mates, and the crowd watching.


The poor ethics and values in this scenario are

  1. Rivals Betweens Schools
  2. Not accepting an officials decision and arguing with an official in front of fellow team members and the crowd
  3. Not setting a good example as a captain
  4. Gamesmanship is shown


When schools are rivals it can cause bad atmosphere, not just for the players but also for teachers who attend matches. As the official of the match to ease tension between the two teams, I would make all the players shake hands before the match. This is a good value to have because it teaches the players good etiquette.  If they did not shake the players hand I would refuse to let the players play in the match, as this show gamesmanship, which is a poor value and a bad ethic to have.

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Players in any sport should always respect and follow and officials decision. As the official in this match I would give the offending player a red card and send him off for arguing back. Players have to abide by the official rulings because they are the rules. By not following the rules this is breaking the rules, which is a bad ethic.

The offending player was in year 12 and the captain of the team, this means he is a role model to other players and spectators. As the teacher of the Collenswood School, I would pull ...

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