Contemporary Studies in Physical Education

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                         Contemporary Studies in Physical Education

Activity: Cricket

Name of organising body: ECB (England and Wales cricket board)


Address of governing body: 

England and Wales cricket board Lord’s cricket ground,

London NW8 8QZ

Tel: (020) 7432 1200

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About The ECB

The England and Wales Cricket Board was established on January 1 1997 as the single national governing body for all cricket in England and Wales. It has its headquarters at Lord’s, the home of cricket.

ECB's headquarters at Lord's in London

The formation of the ECB represented a real determination to drive towards creating, for the first time, one single unified body responsible for the management and development of every form of cricket for men and women including clubs, schools, juniors and youth, disabilities cricket, representative, first class and international cricket.

The ECB took over the many responsibilities carried out for some 30 years by the Test and County Cricket Board (TCCB), the National Cricket Association (NCA) and the Cricket Council, all of which have fulfilled to exist.

In April 1998 the Women’s Cricket Association (WCA) was also integratedwithin the system of the ECB. The further formation of the ECB followed two intensive years of research into how cricket in England and Wales could be organised better to attract more players to the game and to be level or better than other sports in England and Wales like football and rugby raise as this will therfore raise standards at all levels and promote cricket as a spectator sport to be seen throuhout the whole of England and Wales.

ECB’s Cricket's strategic plan - Building Partnerships

The ECB now recently have unveiled the blueprint for cricket’s continued success and development over the next four years with the proud launch of Building Partnerships in April 2005.

Building Partnerships, which maintains the ECB’s theme of ‘From playground to Test arena’, is built on four key elements to success towards the highest level which are:

  • Effective leadership and governance
  • Vibrant domestic game
  • Enthusing participation and following, especially among young people
  • Successful England teams

Regional Structure

Pathways for Elite Performers

The ECB has developed a national strategy identifying seven steps prior to the development of cricket and pathways for elite performers. The seven steps provide a national framework which cricket will be introduced locally.

It is very important that each step is interpreted by the ‘County Cricket Boards’ according to specific circumstances, such as people with disability, needs of women, men, girls, boys, religion and ethnic communities, and the inner city areas. The seven steps are:

·         Primary Schools

·         Secondary Schools

·         Club Cricket

·         District Cricket

·         Representative Cricket

·         First Class County

·         England Teams

Primary schools

The aim is to make sure every primary school boy and girl is introduced to cricket and has equal opportunities to acquire an interest in the game.  The main objective for introducing cricket to primary schools is to sustain good relationships with key decisions-makers to meet the requirements of the national curriculum.  

Secondary schools

The ECB wants to ensure that all secondary school students have the opportunity to develop their respective range of cricket skills, understanding, enjoyment and appreciation of the game. In secondary schools, the ECB works with other agencies to ensure the continued inclusion of cricket in the national curriculum at all levels including sports related GCSE courses. This strategy encourages secondary schools to offer opportunities for students to develop their personal range of cricket skills. For example, secondary schools are involved in ‘County Board’ endorsed activities to additional and specific quality resources.


The mission for this aspect of the national strategy is to ensure that every person, including players of all levels of experience and ability have an opportunity to play and become involved in fully structured, organised and resourced club environment.


 Focusing on cricket offers individuals high quality structured coaching and competitive cricket opportunities for all playing members.

District cricket

District cricket ensures that a range of cricket activities is structured, organised and delivered locally to offer opportunities for quality coaching and competition. The main objective is to ensure that high quality structured, coaching, competitive opportunities are available locally to all children, and young people who wish to develop their cricketing ability. Also, it gives county clubs opportunity to come and identify talented players so they can be given a trial and to represent them at the next level up -representative county cricket.


Representative Cricket

This stage allows individuals to identify and develop selected players through high quality coaching, support and competitive programmes.  The ECB aims to encourage and support the development of county age groups and adult squads, delivered by ‘County Board’ in conjunction with ‘Minor County Clubs’ where appropriate. For example, players in their age group (U13, U15, U16… and adults) get selected for their regional squads.

First Class County Cricket

First Class County Cricket ensures a high competitive and attractive programme which commands the attention, interest and support of the public, media and commercial partners. The ECB has requirements for this stage. For example, they have to ensure that an appropriate network of First Class County Cricket Grounds is maintained and constantly improved in order that the staging and facility requirement can be fully fulfilled. Also, this stage presents First Class County as a professional, high quality, exciting, enjoyable, and beneficial activity to commercial partners.

National England Teams

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The mission here is to achieve consistently high levels of success on the international stage, within the framework of the ICC in a manner which develops a strong sense of national pride in the England representative teams. The main aim is to provide a high quality, structured management and coaching regime delivering training and development opportunities to select potential England players at all levels.


Provision for Female Competitors

The England and Wales Cricket Board (ECB) is formed with the woman's Cricket Association (WCA) to run the provision for female ...

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