Contemporary studies in physical education.

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Contemporary studies in physical education.

There are many ways in which the sport of football is controlled and organised, a majority of the sport is monitored and controlled by governing bodies that distribute funds, organise competitions, present awards and ultimately promote the sport so that football can be accessible to everyone.

One of the main football governing bodies is UEFA. The Union of European Football Associations governs football all over Europe and makes sure the rules that are formed by this organisation are enforced and abided by, as well as organising competitions and so on.

Moreover, as I live in Wales I will talk about the Football Association of Wales or FAW. The FAW are more of a regional organisation that relay rules etc. from UEFA and make sure that there are competitions, and matches taking place all over Wales, as well as distributing limited funds to grass roots schemes and to various clubs in the region. The FAW are based in Cardiff, the capitol, of Wales, which is, in itself relevant as it means that it is easily located. Here are some details I obtained from

Personnel:                                        Communications:

President                                       Address

Desmond W. Shanklin.                        Plymouth Chambers, 3 Westgate

General Secretary                                Street GB -

David George Collins.                        Cardiff CF10 1DP

Head Coach                                        Telephone

Leslie Mark Hughes.                        +44 29 2037 2325

Press Officer                                Fax

David George Collins.                        +44 29 2034 3961

As you can see there are quite a number of personnel working at the top of the FAW, these people make sure that everything goes as much to plan as possible and also make sure that there is some sort of authority associated with the sport. This governing body organises a lot of competitions around Wales resulting in leagues and league tables being formed, one such league is the Welsh Premier. There are many football clubs associated with this league ranging from Aberystwyth, Llanelli and Newtown, to Bangor, Caernarfon and Welshpool. All of these teams are entered into the Welsh Premier and compete against each other throughout the season all in the hope of winning and coming top of the table.

The way to find out information on the Internet is to log on to  and then look out for the titles reading Welsh football Associations.

Regional structure.

Although UEFA are a huge organisation, they cannot control every single aspect of the game in all European countries, such as Wales. It is therefore essential that regional, intra-national organisations or governing bodies take as much control as possible and are aware of as much as possible in their area.

Wales uses a pyramid system to organise its football events/competitions. The Welsh Premier is Wales’ national league and the only national competition and all leagues below it operate on a regional basis, the leagues become more localised the further down the pyramid you go.

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Governing bodies need to structure leagues into regional leagues so that they are more easily managed and are more organised. Like the British Premier League, many foreign countries have adopted segmented or divisional type football leagues. Wales uses this tiered league system to organise many competitions. The Welsh Premier is the top tier or first division and all those below this division are on lower tiers. The second tier consists of two leagues that each covers half of the country. The first represents South Wales and the second, central and North Wales. The champions of both these leagues are promoted ...

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