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AS and A Level: Contemporary Studies

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Writing about the media in sport

  1. 1 You should recognize the 4 key roles of the media in sport : to educate, advertise, inform and entertain.
  2. 2 • Give SPECIFIC examples of each form of media. For example, transworld sport is very educational regarding different cultural sports and activities.
  3. 3 Acknowledge the advantages of the media and the powerful role they have in our culture, such as providing entertaining coverage of Olympics or big rival matches
  4. 4 Acknowledge the disadvantages of the media and the potentially counter-productive role they have, such as sensationalism regarding footballers and their relationships.
  5. 5 Acknowledge the ‘media’ as a business and in some cases, with a solely profiteering approach. However beware of over generalising and omitting recognition of the media (whether profit making or not) in providing an invaluable professional and leisure service to sports people specifically and the general population.

Writing about Outdoor and Adventurous Activities (OAA)

  1. 1 This is an area of the National Curriculum that is often avoided or done minimally – students should be able to explain the reasons for this : cost, facilities, access, risk, etc
  2. 2 The difference between real (a situation where actual harm to the participants is possible) and perceived risk (a safe situation where a feeling of thrill / fear is constructed) is often confused in essay answers.
  3. 3 Many (but not all) OAAs need to have VERY strict health & safety procedures and protocols in place. The increase in safety requirements has been as a result of tragedies such as Lyme Bay occurring. Laws have been enforced to ensure the safety of participants.
  4. 4 When writing about the benefits of OAA, make sure specific examples are given. There is a mental benefit of participation in orienteering as it is developing decision-making processes.
  5. 5 The Adventurous Activities Licensing Authority (AALA) is a key organisation that assesses the safety of activity centres and allows them to offer sessions to the public.

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  1. Marked by a teacher

    Outdoor and Adventurous Activities - risks, percieved and actual

    5 star(s)

    In my opinion the group's pre-trip preparations could have both increased or decreased their fear or apprehension. It may have increased or decrease it because it gives the group an insight of what they will be taking part in, this could frighten the group and because they don't know exactly what it may be like, they could perceive the risk and danger to be greater than the actual risk. It also could work the other way because when it gives an insight of the hike, they may get more excited and more confident in being able to do the hike which will decrease their perceived risk and will increase their excitement of the trip.

    • Word count: 1037
  2. Marked by a teacher

    I am going to write about technology and media in sport. Im going to describe and explain the influence and effects of the media and technology in sport.

    3 star(s)

    TV has been available from the late 1920s; television became very popular in a matter of years. Newspaper: A newspaper is a regularly scheduled publication containing news, information, and advertising, usually printed on relatively inexpensive. Radio: Radio was well known and used well before television, radio was so popular because you could listen to it when you were travelling somewhere and needed to know the news. The radio gives information about many different things and it means you can listen to it when you want.

    • Word count: 1055
  3. The Dangers of Concussions in US Sports

    Among college football players, 34% have reported at least one serious head injury during their career; additionally, 20% of these injured athletes have sustained multiple head traumas. Concussions often cause significant and sustained neuropsychological impairments in information-processing speed, problem solving, planning, and memory, and these impairments are worse with multiple concussions (Sports Related Concussions). Definition: The brain is made of soft tissue cushioned by spinal fluid, and is encased in the hard, protective skull. When a person gets a head injury, the brain moves around inside the skull and bangs against it.

    • Word count: 1338
  4. Free essay

    PE Report - Direct and indirect free kicks in football.

    Free kicks can be categorized in to different ways; direct and indirect free kicks. Direct Free kick: Direct free kick permits a direct shot on the goal. And can be awarded when any of these offenses are committed. To the opposing team: * kicks or attempts to kick an opponent * trips or attempts to trip an opponent * jumps at an opponent * charges an opponent * strikes or attempts to strike an opponent * pushes an opponent * tackles an opponent * holds an opponent * spits at an opponent * pushes an opponent before he/she receives the ball * handles the ball deliberately; hand ball (except for the goalkeeper within his own penalty area)

    • Word count: 966
  5. This assignment will describe and explain roles and responsibilities of sports coaches in different sports as well as skills that are commonly found in successful sports coaches

    Innovators must try to make training fun and fresh as well as it being effective. A coach must be brave enough to try new tactics or training regimes in order to get different results in order to be a good innovator. An example of an innovator working would be to introduce a new playing strategy within a hockey team involving all the players being attackers and defenders when appropriate, this is an example of an innovator being tactical and trying to improve the team using different tactics.

    • Word count: 1262
  6. Should American student athletes be paid? One side of the argument is the acceptance of pay for student athletes representing their school. This is opinion is valid because athletics brings in excess revenue for the universities, they are dedicated and sp

    In the end, their commitment to the athletic department should not be validated through compensation for student athletes. There are many other forms of rewards that are already given to student athletes therefore they should not be paid to play. First and foremost form of compensation for student athletes is a full paid for college tuition which is a very high price that many other students are forced to pay even though both students and student athletes are receiving the same education. "When athletes accept scholarships, they are provided tuition, books, meals, housing, and sometimes graduate assistantships. At some colleges and universities, such support may reach a value of $200,000 over a four-year period.

    • Word count: 2009
  7. Structure of P.E. The structure and implantation of the physical education curriculum consist of five learning stages.

    Children are required to perform 2 hours a week minimum of physical education in school. Each physical education lesson should involve skills applying, evaluating performance and health & safety in sports. The content of key stage1 =games, dance and gymnastics, key stage2 & 3 =games, dance, gymnastics +2 (swimming, athletics or outdoor education) and key stage4 = any choices from all of the other key stages. Before key stage1 children go to nursery or childminders this is early year's foundation stage it is for children aged 0-5 years old. The content of early years foundation stage consist of 3 main guide lines goal setting, planned teaching and assessed at aged 5.

    • Word count: 2233
  8. The use of illegal Steroids in baseball has single handily degraded and disgraced the great game that once was proud to be known as Americas Pastime.

    The MLB rarely, if at all tested for steroids during this time of the "Steroids Era" and if they did there was no penalty for testing positive. At the time it was virtually a win win for the players, they could juice up, exceed the stats they could only dream about, and never get in trouble during the process. Performance Enhancing Drugs became an epidemic in the world of baseball, but not only was it enhancing players performance, it was enhancing every aspect of revenue a ball club could ever imagine.

    • Word count: 4172
  9. Local Study. I will be undertaking my local study on the provision and opportunities of football in Oxfordshire.

    The Oxfordshire Schools Sports Association (OSSA) aims to provide additional sporting opportunities to individuals attending school across the county. The football setup within the OSSA is made up of four districts which include North Oxfordshire, Vale of White Horse, Oxford City and Mid Oxon. The OSSA has set up a knockout cup format which is open to all schools in Oxfordshire. The cup competitions apply to the following age groups and genders: Boys Girls Individual Under 19's Individual Under 16's Individual Under 16's Individual Under 13's Individual Under 13's The OSSA also provides a league format to Boys in the Under 19 age group.

    • Word count: 1179
  10. Barry Bonds and Steroid Abuse by Athletes.

    Barry Bonds received his first ever MVP award in 1990 and continued to be awarded numerous Gold Glove and Silver Slugger awards with the Pirates until 1992. In that year, Barry Bonds opted for a salary too high for Pittsburgh to meet; therefore he was forced to resign. Barry met Susann Branco in August 1987, in Montreal, Quebec, the soon-to-be mother of his two children. They both eloped to Las Vegas, Nevada on February 5, 1988 and married not too long afterwards.

    • Word count: 1486
  11. Media Bias on Steroids. A great example of media influence is the book written about steroid use in baseball. The book is titled Game of Shadows. This non-fiction book was written by two reporters from the San Francisco Chronicle.

    The first question to answer is how the media has influenced the steroid investigation. The media obviously has influenced the steroid investigation in many ways. One way that the media influences the steroid investigation is by pressuring players to admit that they have used steroids or that they knew somebody who did. They may do this through blackmail or other extreme methods. Also, the media may show the player some good reason to do it. Take Barry Bonds for example he has been hassled this past year about steroids and if he had used them.

    • Word count: 1264
  12. Local Football study - In Peterborough the first way in which people access football is through their school, either through the school lesson, school clubs or school club links.

    Peterborough Junior Alliance League Leagues Cups Under 9's - 3 Divisions Under 9 League Cup Under 10's - 3 Divisions Under 10 League Cup Under 11's - 3 Divisions Under 11 League Cup Under 12's - 3 Divisions Under 12 League Cup Under 13's - 3 Divisions Under 13 PFA Cup Under 14's - 3 Divisions Under 14 League Cup Peterborough and District Youth League Leagues Cups Under 15's 3 Divisions League Cup, Hunts cup Under 16's 3 Divisions League Cup, Hunts cup Under 18's 3 Divisions League Cup, Hunts cup I cannot be critical of these leagues because they provide good, structured competitive football for everyone and varied abilities.

    • Word count: 1009
  13. National Study. To examine the support and provision for football in England, I will be researching how the sporting structure in the country helps performers from first-level elite stage through to area, county, regional and national selection.

    3-5 years old and Academy (Boys & Girls) - Year 1,2 and 3. It only costs �2 per session. Well-renowned football clubs all around the country also hold soccer schools sessions to enhance the ability of performers of all ages. Arsenal Soccer Schools, held by Arsenal Football Club try to get children to "play the Arsenal way". By guiding players through extensive training programmes, they take time to nurture and develop youngsters since 1985 and have network centres all over the world. The techniques used are the same ones senior players from Arsenal use in the training ground, developing their technical ability.

    • Word count: 1213
  14. National study - The sporting pyramid and pathways to international level from Participation Level with football

    This sort of competition would be more structured and ordered and would play played to a higher level of football. Also the performer could be at this level because they are there to achieve something for themselves. A good example of this level of play would be regionally based competitions. The elite level of the sporting pyramid consists of those who are the best footballers in the country (and other countries) and would play in high level competitions like the premier league.

    • Word count: 1249
  15. Sports and society. I was involved in dancing since my childhood. My parents introduced me to this discipline when I was only 6 years old and since then I never stopped dancing.

    As for me, my parents were able to pay for private dance classes so I could follow my dream of becoming a professional ballroom dancer. This dream was a reality until we came to United States of America. When I came to the USA, at first it was a total culture shock. Everything that I knew in life was totally changed; the mentality, the environment, the people, even a way of communicating. After a month of adjusting in a new country, I realized that I missed dancing a lot.

    • Word count: 1038
  16. Annika sorenstam. I will be talking to you about Annika Sorenstam and how she played in a male golf tournament.

    Socialisation is the process by which individuals learn what is acceptable in their society. It includes learning cultural attitudes, values and roles. In media today 98% of sport on TV is male and only 2% of it is female. This is unfair for women that like playing sport and like watching sport. When Annika Sorenstam entered the male golf tournament a lot of people found out about it then started watching more female sports. Female sports on TV then went up to 8% and men went down to 92%. In society today if women play sport they are called tomboys, which is dumb.

    • Word count: 859
  17. Explain the value of sport in the UK. How does sport build a safer, stronger community?

    As a keen sportsman myself I know that achieving success in sport is a huge morale boost and you thrive on that success and want to keep winning, I personally think that the will to improve and win has kept me from engaging in anti-social behaviour. Most of the friends I have in sport are not involved in anti-social behaviour because they too have the will to improve and succeed. When you see yourself or your team in the media for all the right reasons such as winning you gain respect from other people and I think that this encourages young people in your community or school to want too achieve the same success if not more.

    • Word count: 1268
  18. Talent ID report

    This can be slightly stressful, especially as the athletes are quite young, and are still developing, physically and mentally. Also it can ruin confidence of some youths, however overall this stage is quite selective and only few people are selected at this stage, as the level of performance that is required is evident when selecting the players. Commonly, like most of the stages the players are also recorded, in games or drills, without them being too aroused by it, so that they can perform in full confidence and in a stress free situation.

    • Word count: 2631
  19. B-Tec Level 3. Football

    Position of feet Feet facing the direction of the ball which is forwards in most cases and also on your toes ready to move in any direction that the ball goes. Point of contact Ball hits the chest area (pectorals) and the ball and chest make contact at the bottom of the ball so that the ball is cushioned and brought down quickly and the ball stays in your control. Use of arms Arms are out by the side for balance if the jump is needed to chest the ball and the arms can also be used to hold off defenders that are behind the attacking player who is controlling the ball.

    • Word count: 1018
  20. The Provision of Sport. Sport in the UK is structured in the three following ways; The Voluntary sector, the Public Sector and the Private sector.

    In the UK, sport generates �12000 million a year; 2% of the National Economy. Many people often play sports regularly; a survey by "Sports England" revealed that 6.82 million play sport at least three times a week. These stats show how important sport is to the UK public and also the scale of it in Great Britain. Sport in the UK is structured in the three following ways; The Voluntary sector, the Public Sector and the Private sector. The voluntary sector includes people who play for a local club team or anyone who plays their chosen sport voluntarily without getting paid.

    • Word count: 777
  21. Good Practice in the Outdoor Industry

    After teaching the technique it is important to make sure the learner understands how and when to use it in a situation so the stroke becomes a skill. Staff may also need specific training to be able to deal with people with certain needs for example disabled people. It is also important that staff have training in the correct use of specific apparatus/equipment so they know how and when to use it. 1. 3. Caring and appropriate leadership involves having a duty of care of others and remaining in loco-parentis for participants under the age of 18.

    • Word count: 3163
  22. The development of equipment and facilities

    The centre runs residential courses for schools, adults and families including a wide range of activities on offer such as abseiling, survival skills, high ropes, zip wire, shelter building and camp craft, orienteering, navigation and moorland expeditions, beach days and team building and problem solving. www.milladventure.co.uk Knapp House Activity Centre This centre is a family run business situated near Bideford in North Devon. The centre runs many land and water based activities such as climbing, tree hoist, crate stack, low ropes, slide, team challenge, team building, pedal carts, tunnelling, coastal walks, crab and boating, ringo rides, canoe drills, waterskiing, surfing, and pool & lake sessions.

    • Word count: 2029
  23. National Study of Football Provisions in the UK

    It is at these clubs that they can be identified as having a high level of talent and may be invited to have a trial at a centre of excellence or academy. Some professional clubs will also hold development centres in some areas, these act as the bridge between club football and academy/centre of excellence football. The majority of the professional footballs clubs in the UK have scouts located in their clubs catchment areas. Those identified by professional clubs as being talented are invited to have a trial, which lasts a period of 6 weeks, those who do well will be offered a one year contract, those who struggle will continue to work at the respective clubs development centre.

    • Word count: 1266
  24. Local Study of Football Provision

    They have the support of Simon Ryan who is a Peterborough United community football coach. Cup competitions are arranged by the ESFA, the English school football association. Local Football Leagues Cups U9 3 Divisions U9 League Cup U10 3 Divisions U10 League Cup U11 3 Divisions U11 League Cup U12 3 Divisions U12 League Cup U13 3 Divisions U13 PFA Cup U14 3 Divisions U14 League Cup Peterborough has a pretty comprehensive local football system ranging from U9 to senior level. The main junior leagues in the area are the Peterborough Junior Alliance League and the Peterborough and District Youth League.

    • Word count: 1004
  25. Voluntary Sports Clubs

    The club house includes a bar area with seating and a wide screen television which show live football matches. The bar area however is small. There is a dance hall which is of reasonable size can hold about 150 people in it. There are facilities for teams like changing rooms and showers that they can use but the teams usually turn up already in kit so they aren't really used. There are 2 junior sized football pitches and one adult sized football pitch at Croygas. The problem with this is when I played for Croygas we always played on the junior pitches and they were too small for teams of our ages.

    • Word count: 4040

Conclusion analysis

Good conclusions usually refer back to the question or title and address it directly - for example by using key words from the title.
How well do you think these conclusions address the title or question? Answering these questions should help you find out.

  1. Do they use key words from the title or question?
  2. Do they answer the question directly?
  3. Can you work out the question or title just by reading the conclusion?
  • Analyse the effects that staging a major sporting event can have on an area.

    "As you can see from my conclusion, the question asked in this report is of a complex nature and has no simple answer. I used case studies covering a range of scales and locations in order to make as accurate a judgement as possible. However I could only use a limited number due to the length of time I had to carry out my research and compile this report. To fully investigate the issue I would need to carry out my research on a much larger scale, covering a greater time period and range of events."

  • Discuss the various systems for nurturing elite sports talent

    "In conclusion, there are many various systems for nurturing elite sports talent, some of these more successful than others. However, there are many reasons as to why some of these could be overall detrimental to a country, whether it may be because it is seen as a waste of money, or because it involves bad treatment of the children involved. On the other hand, systems for nurturing elite sports talent can be seen as beneficial because it improves an athlete's performance and gives them a much better chance of winning."

  • "Sport is precious it shouldn't be abused by commercial interests". To what extent is this true in sport today?

    "In conclusion I think that perhaps there are some aspects that make commercialisation a bad thing in sport, but I think that the good that comes out of it by far outweighs the bad. I think that sport is precious, but will not be spoiled by commercial interests. Contrary to this, I think that commercialisation makes sport appear more of an attractive career and therefore t attracts a larger amount of people to play professionally. And I think that the quality of athletes has greatly increased due to the incentives that sponsorships bring about. There could be an argument to say that this increased competition has spoiled sport, because it does incite cheating in sport in order to win. Again, using the 100m sprint final as an example. The margin for error in this race is so small, and the huge difference between the prize for second place and first place makes the race so much more competitive, that cheating is becoming more and more common. So perhaps to some extent we could say that the increased financial gain from being a professional athlete has spoiled sport to some extent."

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