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AS and A Level: Contemporary Studies

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Writing about the media in sport

  1. 1 You should recognize the 4 key roles of the media in sport : to educate, advertise, inform and entertain.
  2. 2 • Give SPECIFIC examples of each form of media. For example, transworld sport is very educational regarding different cultural sports and activities.
  3. 3 Acknowledge the advantages of the media and the powerful role they have in our culture, such as providing entertaining coverage of Olympics or big rival matches
  4. 4 Acknowledge the disadvantages of the media and the potentially counter-productive role they have, such as sensationalism regarding footballers and their relationships.
  5. 5 Acknowledge the ‘media’ as a business and in some cases, with a solely profiteering approach. However beware of over generalising and omitting recognition of the media (whether profit making or not) in providing an invaluable professional and leisure service to sports people specifically and the general population.

Writing about Outdoor and Adventurous Activities (OAA)

  1. 1 This is an area of the National Curriculum that is often avoided or done minimally – students should be able to explain the reasons for this : cost, facilities, access, risk, etc
  2. 2 The difference between real (a situation where actual harm to the participants is possible) and perceived risk (a safe situation where a feeling of thrill / fear is constructed) is often confused in essay answers.
  3. 3 Many (but not all) OAAs need to have VERY strict health & safety procedures and protocols in place. The increase in safety requirements has been as a result of tragedies such as Lyme Bay occurring. Laws have been enforced to ensure the safety of participants.
  4. 4 When writing about the benefits of OAA, make sure specific examples are given. There is a mental benefit of participation in orienteering as it is developing decision-making processes.
  5. 5 The Adventurous Activities Licensing Authority (AALA) is a key organisation that assesses the safety of activity centres and allows them to offer sessions to the public.

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  1. Should Boxing Be Banned?

    For: * It can be very violent and can lead to permanent mental and physical damage including death * The damages that people sustain can waist medical supplies, even though not much but it adds up, and for people who go into the ring trying to get hurt it is stupid to waste supplies on them.

    • Word count: 439
  2. Factors Affecting Individual Performance and Participation in games.

    Explain how tradition can affect the opportunities pupils may have within PE (2) 12. Explain how the environment can affect the opportunities that pupils may have within PE (both positive and negative) (2). Changing Attitudes. What effects do attitudes of society have on participation in games? Sport reflects society. As society has changed and evolved in the last 150 years so has attitude towards sport. In the 19th Century organised sport was: * A privilege for the upper classes * Mostly amateur (played by "gentlemen")

    • Word count: 4367
  3. In Nairobi, Kenya Dipen Patel was voted as one of the top ten footballers in Africa, but this was in the under 12`s section.

    The day had finally come, so this meant the match against Congo was only two hours before kick off for the pay-per-view television match. There was a record crowd of fifty thousand spectators in the stadium. As soon as Dipen got on the pitch, the crowd was cheering Dipen`s name like a thousand birds trying to wake you up. The atmosphere was unbelievable around him. The crowd was confident that Dipen the young star would perform his magic. Kick-off and Congo started attacking heavily, but after 26 minutes Johanna scored with a spectacular strike, half time was approaching.

    • Word count: 1228
  4. The Local and National Provision of football From youth to the professional game.

    The Football Association (FA) consists of the professional and amateur game, with different branches off of it, for example, Kent Football Association. The FA gives you details about coaching schemes and initiatives available to young footballers hoping to progress in the game. The FA also gives details of semi-pro clubs like my club Lordswood who play in the Kent League up to the main, elite premiership clubs. These clubs are local and National clubs to me. Football is getting bigger all the time; a lot of money is pumped through this sport, one example is the �45 million pounds the FA is giving to grassroots facilities.

    • Word count: 1078
  5. Local and National Provision - Football

    In total, 13 competitions are currently organised by UEFA, with nine for national representative teams and four for clubs. FIFA FIFA is committed by its Statutes not only to the positive promotion of football through development programmes, but also to supervising international competitions and to safeguarding the sport and its good image against abuse of its rules and regulations. And FIFA sees to it that the game is played to one unified set of rules, the Laws of the Game, all over the world.

    • Word count: 1625
  6. Under Slammin' Pressure - Slam by Walter Dean Myers.

    In the book, Slam!, there is a plethora of well-detailed and interesting characters. Slam's parents aren't all that exciting, but his "Mums" keeps him in line. His Mother in constantly on Slam to do better in school and talks to Greg a lot about life. Greg's Father doesn't play much of a role at all in the story, he just seems to be a working alcoholic who helps the family make ends meet. Slam's little brother, Derek, is as colorful as any nine year-old who acts much like Slam, but also strives to be different.

    • Word count: 1129
  7. This document will show the provision and facilities that are within my local area of Surrey, Also the facilities nationally. Firstly a quick brief description of the sport I have chosen.

    If you are a footballing person like myself you will start up football at an early age which maybe within your primary school depending on sufficient funds and facilities. At a local park on Tweeddale Road near Sutton arena there is a little league that caters for kids at the ages 7-14. It has three age group leagues, bantum, intermediate and senior. Each of these are split up due to age groups, which is fair and allows children to come up against the same standard gameplay.

    • Word count: 1738
  8. Function of clubs in supporting greater social interaction

    * People with jobs would not be able to use the facilities between the school times so only one facility needs to be provided not separate ones for the public and schools. * Sports halls and leisure centres are built so schools and the public can use them so they sometimes include things like food and drink. * The facilities would be better than having two lots of them because more money could be spent on them, The disadvantages of dual use are: * The public cannot use the facilities in their lunch break.

    • Word count: 634
  9. Sports are a major part of the American culture. Every weekend there is a football or basketball game that is being tuned into by television watchers around the country.

    Wrestling is man's oldest sport dating back to the Ancient Greeks and Romans. When people think of wrestling today they visualize two guys, in a ring, surrounded by ropes, beating each other up with chairs and other objects with the sole purpose of almost killing each other. This is what the great sport of wrestling has been changed into by business men, in order to make high television ratings. True wrestling is a sport where two competitors try to score takedown points, back points, and if all possible pin their opponent's shoulders to the mat.

    • Word count: 1097
  10. Why go to a college where you're going to become heavily in debt?

    In brief, college furthers you not only in the tangible world, but in the intangible world as well. First, one must ask what makes a skilled professional? I argue that someone who is a skilled professional is a person who is highly capable in a specific field, such as biomedical engineering. Then you need to ask yourself how can I possibly do this? The only way in which to make yourself skilled at anything is by enormous amounts of practice and lessons from others who have already become competent in the field in which you want to learn.

    • Word count: 851
  11. The world champion is born a winner. Discuss

    This gives the boxer the frame of mind to win the fight and keeps them motivated all the way though. World champions do this so that they can feel the pressure, but they make themselves think that it is just a normal fight or competition so that the nerves do not get to them. They do not doubt their ability so they perform well as a result of positive, rather than negative, thinking. A world champion is someone who will apply this to everything he or she does in life, it is a frame of mind that has to be present at all times, in training and when doing the task for real.

    • Word count: 965
  12. Living and Dying For Road Racing

    In addition to this, some of the big sponsors of the sport have "pulled the plug" on their funding such as PJ O'Kane who announced withdrawal a week after Gary Jess was tragically killed during a race at the Ulster Grand Prix in August this year, saying that Jess' death was the 'final straw' for him personally. Motorcyclists who partake in this sport are very much aware of the dangers and the risks they take in competing. However, they insist that road racing should continue even though the fatalities and serious injuries occur.

    • Word count: 927
  13. The Aims of the Asa

    The only National Championship in 1869 was the One Mile. The 100 yards was instituted in 1878 with the 500 yards Freestyle, the latter being cancelled in 1935. In 1873 the name was changed to that of "The Swimming Association of Great Britain", although it did not include Scottish clubs; in fact, an application in 1878 from an Association of Scottish Clubs to join was not entertained. In 1880 Horace Davenport became the Association's President, and this was a turning point in the history of the Association.

    • Word count: 1248
  14. The administration of sport in Australia

    The conclusion to this review was that Australia needed to develop an elite academy system where its best athletes could train and prepare without worries about funding and finding accommodation. The other main conclusion was the need for a central, federal overview of sport. The result was the setting up of the Australian Institution of sport (AIS), which was shortly followed by the Australian Sports Commission (ASC), the government responsible for coordinating the government's sport programmes.

    • Word count: 411
  15. Barriers to participation in sport

    For example a person in a wheel chair. The local facilities may not be well equipped to cater for them. An example of this would be having a ramp to enter the building and specially qualified staff if they wanted to swim. In my local leisure centre the gym is situated on the second floor and the only means of access to it is the stairs. Therefore it is hard to access for the disabled and will deter such individuals from using the gym and even other facilities that they could use. Opportunities for disabled may be at a bear minimum and not advertised well if at all.

    • Word count: 1225
  16. Grassroots Development in Cricket

    Kwik cricket is easy to understand and very enjoyable to play. Children who play kwik cricket are being encouraged to use their skills and knowledge to continue. These games support teachers in delivering aspects of the national curriculum relating to the games or activities in physical education. It is designed to ensure that newcomers in cricket are able to acquire as much pleasure and satisfaction from these activities. Sponsors such as Natwest bank, One 2 One, Vodaphone, Pepsi, etc play a vital role in grassroots development. The sponsors provide money for various leagues and tournaments.

    • Word count: 2495
  17. Social influences on performance and participations

    Access to physical activity is a product of opportunity and provision. Institutions and agencies largely control Opportunity and provision. These two determine the level of access. These two are also affected by cultural, political, and religious constraints. The political dogma is the driving force behind policies of sport, recreation, and physical education - participation ids required at all levels. The nature and level of participation serves the political needs rather than individual or group needs. Cultural constraints are a major constraint related to opportunity and provision. There are examples of constraints amongst religion.

    • Word count: 1452
  18. The Strategic Aim of Sport England is to "achieve improved levels of performance in terms of world rankings, win/loss records, national and international records, and individual personal bests".

    One of the main objectives adopted by Sport England is 'More People, More Places, More Medals'. This means i) to get more people involved in sport, ii) to increase the amount of facilities, iii) to increase the quality of performance in sport at a national level. These objectives can be used to help achieve the strategic aim of Sport England. 'More people' will allow a wider base from which elite sports persons can be cultivated, as well as allowing individual personal achievements, especially among women, the disabled and the ethnic minorities. 'More places' also allows for greater development of potential elite athletes, who are more able to participate in sports they enjoy from a younger age.

    • Word count: 858
  19. Evaluate the use and applications of the rules regulations And scoring systems for playing golf and badminton.

    Casual water is a rain puddle on the course. This again does not help the player as these, thing would not normally be on the course. 5. You may move man made objects even in the bunker or water hazard. If they are immovable, you may drop the ball within one club length of the nearest point of relief no nearer the hole. In a bunker you must drop within the bunker. This helps the player to take their shot as if the ball lay behind a fence the player could move the ball one clubs length away but no nearer the hole.

    • Word count: 1437
  20. Speaking & Listening My Hobby

    There are three main types of fishing; fly fishing, coarse fishing and sea fishing. I started with sea fishing off my uncle's speedboat in The Solent around places like the Needles, but none of us really had any idea what we were doing, and to catch even one fish seemed like a huge success. The first fish I ever caught was, quite surprisingly, a small bass when I was fishing with some bait on a hook just floating off the boat. There is something about catching fish which just gives you such an adrenalin burst and it becomes an addictive experience which you just want to try again and again.

    • Word count: 1126
  21. Local and National provision - I have chosen to study the sport, football and research into the designated sections of the assessment content.

    The idea of Grass Roots Development was also to be used to strengthen links between football and the community and to harness its potential as a force for good in society. Funding for such schemes comes from a number of organizations, including, 'New Opportunities Fund', The Football Association and the government. The sum of money amounts to twenty four million pounds per year, and they believe that this amount will rise to sixty million pounds in year two. The campaign began in July 2000, and they now believe that these goals have become more realistic.

    • Word count: 1565
  22. What is a hero? In my view a hero is someone that you admire.

    Then in 1981 he was transferred to Sunderland for two seasons but still gets no motivation. During his time playing for Sunderland he marries a girl named Allison who to this day is still his wife. Finally in 1983 after three attempts Ally's dream finally comes true when John Greig buys him for �200,000 and is transferred to Rangers FC almost immediately. This is just the beginning of the success story of Ally Mc Coist. In the early years of his career wearing a number 9 shirt on his back at his new club he is not a popular player with the fans at all.

    • Word count: 1461
  23. A League of Their Own

    Society believes that women should be sensitive and nurturing, not competitive. At this time, women were also running the businesses and factories. Working in factories and playing competitive sports were considered to be the role of the males. Women are to be "sensitive, nurturing, and open" (Johnsen). By playing sports and working in factories, women began to take over some more masculine traits. This was threatening to the men. They saw this as loosing control. Women play many parts in men's struggle for control.

    • Word count: 1136
  24. Local and National Provision Assignment Title: research and write about the local and National provision for your preferred sport.

    They run low level coaching sessions for all ages with a weekly amount to be paid. The cost to join these clubs wouldn't be too much for a working adult to pay, however a person of my age may not be able to afford them. In order to join Risbygate Club you must pay �25 a year plus �2 per guest. To use tennis courts in villages, sometimes you must be a resident, e.g. the courts in Bardwell with one court and Tostock with one court.

    • Word count: 1347
  25. Ski trip 2002

    An appropriate image would be the school canteen filled with hooting boys running back and forth. Upon arriving at the glorious Radisson Hotel, at 4am (GTM), we were treated to a sumptuous and 'ravishable' buffet which might have been appreciated if the entire group hadn't been half unconscious. By the time we had sat down to eat most people had lost the ability to speak and lay with faces in salad praying that rooms would be given soon. Prayers were answered; we were given our swarve swipe card keys and to bed we went. We rose early next morning as we would for the next five; it was time to ski.

    • Word count: 574

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