Current level of performance  


The level of performance that I am at can currently be put into six groups.

-Prior experience

-Fitness levels


-Frequency of training


-Values and beliefs

I will go through these individually telling you about each one individually telling you detailed accounts of each.

Task 1

Prior experience

                       My current experience for my chosen sport which is golf is that I started golf when I just hit my thirteenth birthday but the standard and dedication was not high, I was playing about once a month at a local nine hole golf coarse. After a year of doing this, I joined Stinchcombe Hill golf club, were I had a couple of lessons and after 4months I got my first handicap. My first handicap was twenty eight, which shortly became twenty four after a few months of having it. I managed to reduce it by entering small junior competitions and shooting under my handicap several times. By the time I was fifth teen I was entering adult competitions and getting English golf union coaching which helped me to take in my second year at Stinchcombe Hill over five hundred pounds in prize money, reduced my handicap to eleven and won several tournaments including the junior championship, I was also introduced into playing for the junior team which came second in the league just one point away from winning. This year (2002) and my third year I Feel have not been as committed and I feel could of done better, I still feel it has been a successful year though. I have reduced my handicap to seven won the best part of eight hundred pounds which included caddying for the winner of a high money tournament at are club which I got paid four hundred pounds, won several tournaments which includes retaining the junior championship, was the most successful team member winning five out of six games, have become a member of are a team which I helped get promoted and win the North Gloucestershire League Finals and have been elected to be junior captain next year. In these years I have learnt a lot from my coaching and from mistakes I have made which I feel have made me a better player.      

Fitness levels

                      I feel that my current level of fitness is of quite a high standard but is has been higher. At the end of October I managed to get to level thirteen on the bleep test then had a break for quarter of an hour then done the test again and got to level ten. I also do circuit at night which mainly involves weights, the circuit also involves press ups and running. Each month I increase and make the circuit harder to improve strength and fitness. I do this current circuit twice a night.

My current circuit/fitness programme (nov2002)

Five min run                                           Several stretches

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Twenty press ups                                          Weights(x 20 on each arm)

Twenty sit ups                                               Twenty squat thrusts



Weights (x 20 on ...

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