De Coubertin based much of the Olympic idea on the public school system in England during the 19th century

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De Coubertin based much of the Olympic idea on the public school system in England during the 19th century

In attempting to answer the question I will cover the following points. Defining the key terms, I will then give a brief historical overview of the issue of Olympics. Using examples from the Olympic games I will identify the reasons for Pierre de Coubertin’s reasons and influence of the Olympics in global sport. To conclude I will review the current issue of an outline where I think it will go in the future.

Baron Pierre de Coubertin the man who revitalised the Olympics. This maybe the case in history books but there was a lot involvement from earlier generations. These date back way into the ancient times and they had a much different purpose to what they do now, they where all held in honour of gods. The Pythain Games where at Delphi to celebrate the festival of Apollo. The Isthmian Games where at Corinth in honour of the god Poseidon. The Nemean Games and the most well none of games The Games of Olympia where held in honour of Zeus, the king of the gods. The games of Olympia are believed to be the oldest of the games because they where first reliably dated at 776 BC, but where believed to have begun around 1300BC. The events the featured in these games where as follows the stade – a foot race of that distance, the diaulos – a foot race of approximately 400 metres, the dolichos – a long distance race between 1,500 – 5,000 metres, the hippolite/hoplite – a race in armour, the pankration – a form of no-holds barred fighting and pentathlon – which consisted of the stade, long jump, javelin throw, discus and wrestling events. As you can see all these games where a great success, and a testament to there designers, because some of these games are still played in the modern Olympics to date.

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In between the ancient games and the modern games, there wasn’t just a big gap there was still games. Most notably the Cotswold Olympic Games they where first mentioned in 1636 and they where founded by a lawyer called Robert Dover. Also the Wenlock Olympian Games where founded in 1850 by Dr William Penny Brookes. Although these games where based on the ancient Olympics there were a big difference in that your class was a key to entry into the games. To try and change all this the National Olympian Association (NOA) was formed in London, the organisation held ...

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