Describe and explain my chosen fitness training methods

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Unit 3 - training for fitness

Describe and explain my chosen fitness training methods


Training methods: 2 types of stretches can be used during static flexibility training, these are active and passive.

For dynamic flexibility, dynamic stretched need to be carried out.

Description: Active is when the muscle is lengthened into a position without assistance but requires the strength of other muscles to hold the position.

Passive is when the muscle group is assisted by an external force like a partner.

To carry out dynamic stretches they need to be performed slowly and under control, unlike static stretched they are not finished with a held position. Arm circles, exaggerating a kicking action and walking lunges are examples of dynamic stretches

How it works: stretching and training slowly will improve flexibility. Sustained stretching will lengthen the joint without assistance.

Passive training will improve flexibility through being assisted by an external force.

Dynamic stretching, involves moving parts of your body and gradually increasing reach, speed of movement.


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Training methods: The ability for our body to overcome a resistance.

There are 4 types of training, circuit, weight, specific and plyometric.

Description: Circuit training is use to improve general and specific strength, it is when a group of 6 to 10 strength exercises that are completed one exercise after another.

Weight training is carried out by using weights, equipment and machines.

Specific strength training includes exercises that are specific to a sport for example add a football to the agility run to make it specific to sport.

Plymometric training this improves strength or speed at which ...

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