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Describing and Explaining the Components of Fitness. Fitness and fitness testing

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Assignment 2: Describing and Explaining the Components of Fitness. Fitness and fitness testing Fitness testing plays an important role in sport and also in everyday life. The sportsperson or non sport person is tested for different reasons such as; if the sportsperson is making any progression, if reversibility is taking place, Assesses strengths and weaknesses, if they are fit with the population norms, to find out their current fitness and tests effectives of training programmes. To test fitness you need to understand what the term fitness really is. Fitness is described in Microsoft Encarta reference library 2004 as: "The ability of the human body to function with vigour and alertness, without undue fatigue, and with ample energy to engage in leisure activities, and to meet physical stresses." The Components of Fitness The components of fitness are divided into two groups which are the skill related and the health related. Health related means how much you can exceed with your body in terms of health. For example cardio vascular depends how much your body can do and it also aids to prevent any disease like cardio vascular disease which it's good for your own health. In the other hand skill related skills help you be better in a certain sport, for example speed and agility is needed to be a good player in football. Overall health and skill make the components of fitness which makes you exercise or succeed in sports. Skill related fitness: -Agility -Balance -Coordination -Power -Speed Health related fitness: -Aerobic Endurance -Flexibility -Muscle strength -Muscle endurance -Body composition Difference Methods of Fitness Testing: A variety of tests are put in place to test the fitness components. They can be field based fitness tests which is simple because all you need is the comfort of your house, a field or an empty space and inexpensive field tests equipment or lab based fitness test which is more complicated because you would need scientific resources to conduct the test appropriate. ...read more.


Balance is also important for sport-people because nearly every sport uses balance such as, when running with the ball in football, dribbling in basketball, responding in tennis and especially in gymnastic. Testing Balance The stalk stands balance test, checks and testes a individuals ability to balance on the ball of the foot. The test is a field based test so it needs a stop watch, flat surface and a tester. Procedure *Note the stalk stand test allows one practice test -Remove shoes and place hands on hips -Place non supporting foot on the inside of supporting leg at the knee -Raise heel of ground-then balance on the ball of the foot -Start stop watch for one minute-stop the test if: hands come off hips supporting leg moved, leg comes away from knee or heel touches the floor Stalk Test-Normative table The normative table has been created for the sport-person or non sport person to check in what category their results fall in to. The gender is not an issue when it comes to a stork test. However proportion weight in the upper body and lower body may matter when doing a balance test. Rating Results in seconds Excellent >50 Good 40-50 Average 25-39 Fair 10-24 Poor <10 Advantages The stalk test has many advantages. Its is so simple to comprehend because it only requires you to stand in one foot and maintain your balance. Another advantage is that only a stop watch is required which means it can be done practically anywhere for example at home, the gym or college. Disadvantages The stalk test has advantages but also has some diasadvantages.If the tester has the lack of experience the administration of the test and scores may be wrong. This test is so easy to just cheat; for example the tester is distracted so the performer puts his balancing feet on the floor to rest. ...read more.


Body composition is simplified as the distribution of muscle and fat in the body. Body composition can be defined as "The components parts of the body in terms of the relative amounts of body fat compared to lean body mass" (Sport and P.E a complete guide to advanced level of study).Body composition has an important role in individuals that are involved with sports and about their wellbeing. To much body fat can lead to obesity and cardio vascular diseases. For the sport-person high body fat can result in a reduction in muscle efficiency and more use in energy since more weight requires more energy to move around. Body mass index The most common test to measure the body fat of an individual is the BMI test. The body mass index is calculated by measuring the body mass of the subject (weight in kilograms) divided by the height (in metres) of the individual. Example: Weight in kg BMI= _______________ Height in metres Advantages of BMI TEST The test is done worldwide including in hospitals, scientific labs and other professional places. Just simply because it requires testing the individual using maths.Theres no equipment needed if the subject knows his correct height and weight. The test can be done in an instant if the subject provides you're with his correct height and weight. Disadvantages of BMI test The bad points of the B.M.I is that if someone has to much muscle mass it can misguide the results meaning the individual can be really fit and muscular but in the normative table he/she will fall into unfit. Some subjects may lie about their true weight or height resulting in misguide results.Another negative point is that it doesn't measure the body fat of specific muscle groups. Classification Males (% body fat) Females (% body fat) Under-fat <6% <14% Athletes 6-13% 14-20% Fitness 14-17% 21-24% Acceptable 18-25% 25-30% Overweight 26-30% 31-40% Obese >30% >40% ?? ?? ?? ?? Jean Carlo Gonzales 1 ...read more.

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