'Discuss the differences between skill, ability and technique and explain how you would structure practices to enhance these components of fitness'

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'Discuss the differences between skill, ability and technique and explain how you

 would structure practices to enhance these components of fitness'

The word 'skill' is used in several different ways. It can mean an element of a game or sport, for example passing, a sport itself or a quality that a sports person has. According to 'Advanced PE for Edexcel' by Galligan et al, 2000, skill in sport is seen as a coordinated act, which involves complex movements that is brought together in a consistent and smooth manner. In 1963 Gutherie and Knapp defined skill as:

'The learned ability to bring about predetermined results with

                              maximum certainty, often with minimum outlay of time or

                              energy or both.'

 There are five key qualities that are needed to make a performance skillful. These qualities are consistency, accuracy, control, intention and fluidity. There are a number of different types of skill. Cognitive skills involve mental processes, for example problem solving and planning tactics. Perceptual skills involve the interpretation of information that enters the body. An example is knowing the position of players during a game and knowing the options available to you. Motor skills involve the muscles. Walking and running are examples of motor skills because they involve movement and muscular control. Because skill in sport is so complex, it can involve more than one type of skill. Skills that involve thought, interpretation and movement are known as perceptual motor skills.

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Abilities are the building blocks of sport and therefore without them skills would not be able to develop fully. Examples of abilities needed in sport are hand-eye coordination, flexibility and speed. Abilities are innate and are largely determined genetically.

There are two different categories of ability - psychomotor ability and gross motor ability. Psychomotor ability is the processing of information and initiation of a movement, for example reacting quickly to a starting gun in a sprint race. Gross motor ability involves actual movement, for example the speed you sprint.

Techniques are the basic movements of any sport ...

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