Discuss the quality of the performance in relation to others

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D1. Discuss the quality of the performance in relation to others

For this section, I have analysed a role model, upon whom my performer can identify with, and aim to be as good as. This I have chosen to be Ashley Cole, due to them playing in the same position, and the best nationally at his position. I have also analysed a Yr 7 performer, who again plays in the same position so that I am able to see where my performer fits in – i.e. how much he has progressed and what he has yet to learn. I will also be comparing to other performers in his team, to further enhance his stronger and weaker areas of football.

My performer’s fitness is very good aerobically, and when compared to the fitness level of other performers at his level, this can be justified, even though he isn’t the best. However, the anaerobic fitness of my performer is weak in comparison to his aerobic fitness. This can also be seen when compared to other performers at his level. When compared to the Year 7, it is clear to see that my performer is way ahead aerobically, and anaerobically, as the games are shorter and it is clear to see he is tired after sprinting to the ball. Ashley Cole however, is superb, both aerobically and anaerobically. This can be seen clearly, when watching him play. Ashley Cole is able to sprint back, from attack, to defence and have the energy to make a tackle, and then sprint forwards on a counter attack. This aerobic and anaerobic fitness level is what I think my performer should aim for. However, this level of fitness is unreasonable for my performer to achieve, due to Ashley Cole training every day with some of the top coaches in the country, in order to get him to reach that level of fitness.

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The main difference between Ashley Cole, and my performer, is the fact that Ashley Cole is strong enough to be able to challenge with the other performers, and so he increases his chance of being able to win the ball for his team. My performer isn’t very strong, and like Ashley Cole isn’t very tall, and so by not building up his strength he will never be able to compete due to the opposition being able to knock him off the ball easily. Another difference is that Ashley Cole will use his right foot first to tackle, without any hesitation, ...

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