Discuss the role of feedback for learning skills for individual, racket and team sports

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Natalie Jones

Discuss the role of feedback for learning skills for individual, racket and team sports

Feedback is information given from the environment around you (for example, from teachers, yourself and other students) after you perform a task. In P.E., feedback is extremely important in order to improve performance. It is an “essential component in the learning process of successful skills." (www.teachpe.com) Mory (1992) said that, “The important role of feedback in improving student performance has long been recognised by educational researchers” (Mory, 1992, www.tedi.uq.edu.au). It links closely with guidance, which is the information given on how to perform the task before or during it. There are many forms of feedback, including extrinsic, intrinsic, positive, negative, terminal and concurrent. There is also knowledge of performance (KP), which is knowing how well you performed, and knowledge of results, which is knowledge about the outcome of an activity, and whether what you were trying to do was successful. Extrinsic and intrinsic are about who gives the feedback; extrinsic being from an outside performer such as a coach or teacher, and intrinsic being from the performer themselves. Positive and negative refer to what kind of feedback is given. Positive is focusing on what you did well in the task, whereas negative is focusing on what wasn’t as good and what you need to improve. Terminal and concurrent feedback are when the feedback is given; terminal being when the feedback is given after the performance, and concurrent is during the performance. All of these methods of feedback have both advantages and disadvantages.

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It is important to change the type of feedback you give or receive depending on the type of sport. For example, you wouldn’t be able to use concurrent feedback for a sport such as swimming, because the swimmers wouldn’t be able to hear what you are saying. This is the same in the 100m sprint. Therefore terminal would be better. Concurrent feedback would be more appropriate in a team activity such as football, which continues for a longer period of time, where the coach is on the sideline and able to give feedback and advice during the game. This ...

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