"Discuss the role of feedback in teaching and learning of physical skills".

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“Discuss the role of feedback in teaching and learning of physical skills”

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ref: Claire Haycock (2001)

Feedback is used as a guiding tool and is central for good and successful coaching and learning. In order for the learner to learn new skills, there needs to be constant observations of their actions. Feedback is information from the environment which informs the athlete about their performance during and following the movement. Feedback is critical to a successful form of learning.

For feedback information to be of any value it should be compared against a model, therefore it is easy to detect and rectify any errors. The models must meet all the relevant criteria and at the same time be flexible to allow for individual variations. A model for a beginner will differ from a model for an expert. It is important that the learner plays apart in their learning and is aware of the model which they are working against as this could stimulate motivation.

Feedback provides information about performance. It acts as a motivator especially for learners. I was learning to play hockey and I felt I just couldn’t do it. When I hit the ball, it went in the wrong direction. My teacher informed me that my stance was incorrect and so was the positioning of my hands on the stick. Once my errors were corrected, the level of the skill I was performing improved. When a coach gives information about an error, they must present it in a constructive manner so it has a positive effect rather than a detrimental effect. Therefore the coach should consider the manner the feedback is given, the timing as well as the kind and amount of feedback given. I studied a class where the learner could not perform a slap hit in hockey. The coach used negative concurrent feedback. The learner became demotivated and eventually gave up.

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Feedback is used to provide information about performance. If the kind of feedback given is correct it will improve performance. Sometimes it is useful for the learner to visually see what they are doing wrong and how to correct it. It is important that the learner can interpret the feedback and judge it against a reference or model. There are a number of different forms of feedback and each can have different effects on the learner. A good way of assessing the correct kind of feedback to adopt is to use the ‘Systems Approach’


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