Discuss the role of Feedback in the learning of Skills.

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Discuss the role of Feedback in the learning of Skills

Warren Vessey

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                        Feedback is used as a guiding tool and is central for good and successful coaching and learning. In order for a learner who is participating in a new sport or wants to develop that sport further, then feedback is essential if the sportsperson is to develop their skill and technique.

First before giving out feedback or guidance the qualified coach/instructor must access their current ability in the sport in a match situation, which then the coach can observe and start the teaching when the problems and bad technique are identified by the coach and the performer receives feedback on the coach’s findings. It is best if the performer is a beginner at the sport to teach them using visual and verbal guidance. The beginner can quickly understand the input information given by the coach, and can see a mental picture of the skill which would make it easier for the performer. The coach needs to demonstrate a few mistakes the performer is making, but it is very important that they do not dwell on the bad points or the performer will take it as criticism and could lose morale. A coach needs to use positive feedback to keep the performer motivated and encouraged to keep trying harder if they struggle with a certain aspect of training. Praising good performances and motivating them when they fail will stop the short attention span of new learner. Positive combined with continuous or concurrent feedback for the development of the performer. With the coach observing in close proximity during a match or a skill set into sub-routines, the coach can spot a wrong technique and using constructive feedback along with encouragement, correct the wrong technique. This way the performer will continue to be motivated and the learners learning will continue its rapid rise.

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If a performer is learning to play tennis for the first time them visual feedback during the cognitive phase helps the learner to develop a mental image of the task and can perform the task with a lot more confidence. But this method requires a good, professional coach to guide and demonstrate the correct technique of the skill. For example I beginner is learning tennis for the first time, the coach would stop play and would demonstrate how to perform that technique properly using the progressive-part method. This means to break down the certain skill into sub-routines so the learner ...

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