'Discuss the role of feedback in the teaching and learning of physical skills.'

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‘Discuss the role of feedback in the teaching and learning of physical skills.

In the following essay I am going to discuss the term feedback, using examples of racket games, team games and individual sports. I will also discuss how feedback can be used in different ways in different sports to aid the learning of physical skills.

Feedback is the information that the performer receives, as a result of physical activity. It is used by the performer, to help them evaluate their performance, and make improvements for next time. Feedback must also be concise, understandable, accurate and constructive in order to have the desired effect

Feedback back comes in the following forms:

Negative feedback occurs when the performance of an activity contains faults or was incorrect. This type of feedback should also involve ways to improve the errors made. For example if a basketball player misses a shot, the coach will explain what area of their technique used was incorrect, and how they should change it to ensure a positive outcome, and a basket to be scored. It also shouldn’t be used too often as it can de-motivate the performer and improvements will not be made. (Galligan ET all)

Positive feedback covers the successful and correct areas of performance. This type of feedback will help to reinforce the positive aspects as it highlights the areas, which were correct, with reasons why. For example, if a tennis player scored a point, then the coach would explain why they won it, by highlighting the reasons for success, it will help to increase the possibility of its re-occurrence. (Galligan et al)

  Intrinsic feedback is the response, which comes from within the performer, the feel of how a skill was performed through the kinaesthetic sense (Galligan et al, 2000). For example when a golfer hits the ball they will be able to tell if it was good or bad, by the sound or the feel of the swing or when the ball is struck.

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Extrinsic feedback is the response that comes from outside of the performer such as spectators, teammates and coaches. For instance a football manager will tell the team what went well and what didn’t.

The performer receives concurrent feedback during the game or skill. It can be both intrinsic or extrinsic, for example, netball players’ teammate may shout ‘well played’ during a game.

Terminal feedback is received at the end of a performance. It is usually given by the coach and involves re capping the performance and concentrating on the positive and negative aspects, trying to correct issues and re enforce ...

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