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Equipment and Performance in Cross Country Running and Mountain Biking.

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´╗┐Stuart Gainsford Level 3 Group A In a document describe (P3) and compare and contrast (M2) and evaluate (D1) in detail some of the skills and techniques required to successfully perform in Two different land-based outdoor activities. My two activates that I have chosen are cross country running and mountain biking. Both of these activates are both very mentally and physically challenging. Cross country is an event where you run long distances over and across country. This is also a competitive sort as well as a land outdoor activity. But cross country running doesn?t actually require a lot of equipment. The only equipment you will need is some decent running trainers running shorts and shirt and a water bottle for hydration. This equipment isn?t really expensive unless you get the branded products that have all the high tech material. But the most important piece of equipment, in my opinion, in running shoes as it takes a lot of the impact off your joints (knee, ankle and hip) when running so therefore they won?t become as damaged if you were flat shoes. ...read more.


They can range in price for a decent bike from couple hundred up to round£5000. That covers the basics and that is all you need to know for a beginner. But as a beginner it is also good to know that there is so much more to riding, for example ridings shoes which grip/ clip into the pedals. What also helps is your cloths, which will keep you warm and protected when you are riding. As well as that they will help you ride easier as they can make you streamlined. The last thing you can do is customize your bike to however you want it so you can feel comfy when riding. Obviously this will add up in price but you can never ever put a price on fun and enjoyment in life. To perform your best at cross country running you need to use your energy in a wisely manner and not waste it on the start. So therefore you start at a steady slow pace and then you can either up our pace or just keep you’re pace the same throughout course. ...read more.


This is due to the fact the bike will be moving back and forth. So therefore if you stand up you will be more balanced and more in control of the bike due to the nature of the bike moving with the ground. In many ways cross country can be very similar to mounting biking. One way is that you have to complete a course as fast and as best as you can. A second one could be is that in both activities you wear durable clothing which will keep you warm and have some protection against cuts. Another similarity between these two is that they are both land based outdoor activities as well as a competitive sport. One final one is that both of these activities are both mentally and physically challenging. At the same time they are quite different. One of those differences is that mountain biking is much more expensive than cross country. A second difference is that cross country has much less equipment needed. Another difference is that mountain biking you need the bike to have the fun otherwise you would be walking in the woods and mountains. But at the same time you will get a good exciting and thrilling experience from both activities. ...read more.

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