An essential skill involved in football for a goalkeeper is handling of the ball. For different types of catching the ball there are different ways to prepare and execute. For balls coming above the chest there is the “W” shape that a keeper’s will make with there hands. For shots coming below the chest there is the ‘scoop’ technique. Also once the keeper has control of the ball they should hug the ball to pull the ball into safety.

The ‘W’ technique is very effective as it ensures the ball is safe in the keeper’s hands. In this technique the keeper's thumbs should touch and slightly overlap to form the W shape. The wrists should be straight and fingers spread wide around the top and sides of the ball. The thumbs and palms prevent the ball from slipping through. This means that the keeper is sort of catching the ball from the top. The reason the wrists are straight and the hand over top is so the keeper doesn't jam their wrists.  When catching the ball, the arms should be straight out or up for high balls with the elbows slightly bent. The hands move toward the ball to catch it at its highest point and the arms, slightly bent, offers cushion for a smooth reception.


The ‘scoop’ technique is similar to the “W” except that the ‘pinkies’ meet and slightly overlap. The fingers and thumbs wrap around from behind to the sides of the ball. The palms and fingers create a ‘scoop’ as the keeper brings the ball up into the chest. The keeper is then hugging the ball. In this hug the goalkeeper's arms should be parallel and elbows close to touching as the hands wrap around the top of the ball. For the harder low shots the scoop should still be used but to ensure safety of the ball the keeper should dive forward, landing on the forearms whilst hugging the ball.

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Progressive practice for the “W” technique:

1.Start by having your hands in the W, then get the ball thrown softly to your chest so you can get used to the technique. x10.

2.Start in the same position as step one but now get the ball kicked to you at chest height so you have practiced handling with a harder shot. x10.

3.Start in the same position as steps 1 and 2 but this time the ball will be kicked ...

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