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Coaching points on chest passing


To be able to play netball you need to pass the ball; to play successfully you have to pass the ball accurately. Netball is very much a passing game and therefore it is essential that players can use a variety of passes for the different situations that they may find themselves in.

Throwing a ball is a motor skill. However more specifically it can be categorised as a gross, open motor skill. It is a gross skill in that it involves movement and large muscular control with a set goal. But also passing the ball may involve elements of fine muscle movement, such as putting a spin on the ball when passing. Looking at the skill of passing in netball, I can identify the characteristics of the skill. It is an open skill as it is affected by the environment, the throw is constantly changing, how hard, speed, distance the ball is thrown changes depending on the environment. Analysing the skill of passing has identified that it is a discrete skill that has a clear beginning and end; it would appear to be an externally paced skill as the environment controls the rate of performing the skill. I would recognise the skill of passing to be a relatively complex skill as it involves many decisions to be made, for example who to pass to, the type of pass to use etc.

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There are three important parts of the skill of passing that a netballer needs to develop:

  • The technique of the various throws.
  • How to place a pass accurately
  • The ability to select the most appropriate throw, during play.

I am going to analyse the chest pass to identify the major coaching points of this skill. It is a two handed pass where you use both hands to execute the pass. Your hands sit either behind the ball or above and below it. Your wrists and fingers guide the ball, and your elbows, arms and body weight generate ...

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