Explanations of sessions I have chosen Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday so it can fit into Mike's weekly plan. As he has training for his club o

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Explanations of sessions

I have chosen Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday so it can fit into Mike’s weekly plan. As he has training for his club on Thursday and he is playing matches on Sundays. I set my training sessions to give Mike a rest before his game on Sunday, as I don’t want him tired for his game and also I want to keep his motivation high. Also I have given Mike a rest on Monday after his game. This will keep his motivation and enthusiasm as there enough gap in between each session. Each session will last 2 hours to give me enough time to help him meet his aims, Wednesday training session will only be 1 hour. As it is very demanding just training on speed and fitness for two hours so I shorten it. Also I don’t want Mike getting bored, from just running My sessions will start at 1 o’clock finishing at 3 o’clock giving Mike lots of time in the morning before his training starts as he needs extra sleep if he is to complete the high intensity training. When the training finishes at 3 o’clock it gives Mike enough time to rest and recuperate during the afternoon. Also it gives Mike a change to socialize as we want Mike to be happy.

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On Tuesday Mikes training will be at the gym, and as there is a large area for relaxation with sauna, Jacuzzi, steam room, swimming pool all located in the gym. After every session I want Mike to go and relax even if it’s only for an hour, as it is good for muscles it cools them down after a hard work out.

On Wednesday I will be concentrating on Mike’s fitness and speed by telling him different tasks to do, each task will incorporate one on these components of sport. I won’t be working Mike for an hour solid ...

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