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football coaching, work experience

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Work Experience Assignment For this assignment on work experience I will be discussing Professional Football Coaching, its roles and how to go about fulfilling this job in realistic circumstances. Football coaches develop the knowledge, techniques and motivation of football teams and players. They train players at all levels, from beginners to top professionals. Roles of a Professional Football Coach * Plan and deliver training sessions and programmes A professional football coach must be able to effectively plan microcycles, mesocycles and macrocycles of the highest quality designed to improve top players in a realistic environment. * Provide feedback and give advice on players' performance, fitness, technical skills and team working A professional football coach must be able to observe and analyse players in everything they do both on and off the field. He/she must have a wide knowledge of the game and what he needs to see from the players and how to correct it if it is not correct. * Demonstrate and/or train with players Not only does a professional football coach need to have the knowledge of how to play football, but he must have experience and ability to play him/herself. This is because players at a top level tend to respect a coach with playing experience so it affects the psychological side of a player. ...read more.


* Principles of attack and defence - small-sided games (3 v 3, 4 v 4, 5 v 5, 6 v 6) * Warm-up/cool down * Group work and discussion Observed coaching practice * Three sessions techniques, skills and principles of play in attacking or defending * Group review of coaching Feedback Candidates are required to keep a log-book, recording the development of their individual action plan and details of planning, preparing and evaluating 10 training sessions. Candidates should also undertake a minimum of 16 hours' coaching using recognised techniques and principles, and provide evidence of coaching both adults and children. Final training and assessment Candidates can choose to be assessed on a national or local course, by the following: * Laws of the game examination * Review of the study tasks * Review of log-book * Oral interview * Practical coaching assessment - adults and children FA Level 3 in Football Coaching (UEFA B Licence):- Theory * The learning and coaching process (part two) * Match and player analysis * Team organisation: Strategies and tactics * Psychological factors * Football fitness (part two) * Injury identification * Aspects of first aid * Drug awareness and education * Youngsters in football - child * Development (part two - including working with teenagers) * Preparing, planning and evaluating coaching sessions in conjunction with competitive match programmes * Attitudes and ethics Practical * Development of possession * Movement to create space ...read more.


Football in the community is a set up mostly ran by professional clubs so there may be advancement opportunities. For example if you are a long serving coach in the set up with good qualifications you could be offered coaching position within the club, either as an apprentice or a care-taker coach. Semi-Professional Club:- If you are an aspiring coach with a FA level 2 badge you could apply for a job at a semi-professional football club. This is a good idea because it is excellent experience in all aspects of coaching, just on a part-time basis. Youth Football A good opportunity if you are aspiring to become a professional football coach a great place to start is youth football, and it is available in any localised community. An U16s side or an U18s side are perfect for aspiring coach to develop his skills and experience. Once you are experienced enough to move on to the next level you may be offered to take control of the senior side at the particular club you are at. Coaching in America (National Opportunity) Many aspiring coaches apply to coach in America; it is a great opportunity to develop your skills and experience in coaching. It is widely available to any coach with a FA level 1 qualification and higher. It is only available for over 18s. You can apply with a number of different companies on a number of different websites. ...read more.

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