He grew up in the Scottish city of Glasgow. Ever since he was a little boy he had played football

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George Ingram                    Accent Discrimination                       10/09/04

He grew up in the Scottish city of Glasgow. Ever since he was a little boy he had played football and now the pressure was mounting. All the other players on the bus headed toward Old Trafford for England try outs were nervous, not he, not Douglas McDonald.

Douglas McDonald grew up in the crowded inner city of Glasgow. He started playing football at a very young age three maybe four. Almost as soon as he walked he saw it on television and thought it was the most beautiful game ever. He wrote stories and poems about it in school.

Douglas first played for a local club at aged eight and worked up the years ahead of schedule. At sixteen he played for Glasgow City Under twenty-one team and a few years later he captained the side. At aged twenty-three he went on to play first team level.

The coach slowed to a halt at Old Trafford. Excited fans and young reporters cheered and jeered. All the other players climbed out from the coach, their sponsors flashed to the crowd from their neatly ironed clothes. Suddenly as if a switch had been flicked the cheering stopped and reporters stopped taking photos. Douglas McDonald stepped from the coach. He was wearing some worn out Glasgow City tracksuits and a plain white T-shirt. The clicking of the cameras started again and Douglas began to feel sick. He hoped he hadn’t gone white.

Douglas had seen the press lots of times before at Glasgow but there weren’t such big papers there, only local ones. Not papers like the Sun and Daily Express. He could only hope they hadn’t seen him going green.

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About half an hour later he was out of the changing rooms and onto the pitch. He walked out from the tunnel and a cool, refreshing breeze swept over his face. He imagined the aerial cameras that would all be focused on him when he got through the England try outs. All focused on him… All on him.

This thought gave him a pump of adrenaline and he began to train with the others. Some very well know players were there including Vassel, James and Smith.

Two months later, he woke up at nine am in his ...

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