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Health related fitness is what everyone should have whether they play a sport or not. Keeping the body fit for health incorporates the following components:

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Fitness Testing BTEC Sport and Exercise Science Project Task 1: The importance of health related fitness Health related fitness is what everyone should have whether they play a sport or not. Keeping the body fit for health incorporates the following components: Badminton Health Related Aerobic Fitness Aerobic fitness increases the amount of oxygen that is delivered to your muscles, which allows them to work longer. Any activity that raises your heart rate and keeps it up for an extended period of time will improve your aerobic fitness. This is necessary in badminton because you need the aerobic fitness to be able to move across the court for a long time. The best way to test someone's aerobic fitness is the VO2 max test. This is where athletes run on a treadmill and all the air expired is collected in a Douglas bag. The athlete works to exhaustion and then the volume and oxygen content of the expired air is measured. It is then calculated. Flexibility Flexibility is the range of movement possible around a joint and depends on the amount of stretch allowed by the ligaments, joint, tendons and muscles. Babies have a natural suppleness and can suck their toes but we lose this as we grow older. ...read more.


Strength Strength is needed in swimming because when at the starting block you need a lot of power to push yourself into the water when diving as far as possible. It also needs the strength in the arms and legs to move across the pool faster and smoothly. A test you can do to for strength in swimming is push ups as it works the muscles in your arms and legs. Badminton Skill Related Agility Agility is the combination of speed and coordination. In badminton is allows a subject to efficiently change directions and body position at speed across the court this is needed because the court is big and needs to be covered at all times. Agility can be tested by the Illinois test where an athlete lies facing down at the starting line. On the word go they get up and complete the agility course outlined as fast as possible. Balance Balance is the ability to maintain equilibrium. Most players require good dynamic balance. Balance is needed in badminton because the player needs to be able to remain stable when at a fast pace and also when doing any type of skill where they make be tip toeing or bending really low they will need to be able to balance to avoid falling over. ...read more.


Balance Footballers need balance, this is because when being tackled they need to be able to remain on their feet while trying to get the ball away from the opponent. If in a unlucky position and being unstable it could result to a nasty injury. Coordination Coordination is important in football when making passes or aiming for goal. You need to know where your player is or the goal so you can aim right Power Power is needed in football the players need the ability to be able to head the ball so they need power in their legs so they can jump high to head it. Speed Football is a game full of speed footballers need to have that speed to be able to run up and down the pitch for two 45minutes game. Reaction Time Reaction time is also needed in football when a pass is being made to you, you need to get to the ball before the opponent. Also in free kicks and corners you need to react when you see the ball coming towards you to clear it. ?? ?? ?? ?? BTEC National Award in Sport & Exercise Science Priya Sethi Fitness Testing Page 1 of 8 Task 1 ...read more.

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