Health screening and monitoring questionnaire and declaration for a new client.

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Client Agreement

This Contracts being entered into between Preston’s Fitness (referred to as “PF”) and ______________, (referred to as “Client”), for servicesbeginning on ______________, and ending on ______________. Fitness based sessions will be performed ________ times per week and will cost £____. The client will be invoiced once a month and will pay by chequue or cash within one week of invoice.

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The client’s trainer will be _____________________________.

If cancellation is not received 24 hours in advance, the client agrees to pay in full for the scheduled session. This contract may be terminated with seven days written notice to the other party.

I, the client _______________, am commited to making a positive change in my health through my participation in the PF program. I understand that certain elements of this program can be physically demanding, and that I may need to change various aspects of my lifestyle in order to realize the goals I have set in this program. I realize PF ...

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