Health screening questionnaire and muscle analysis of two individuals

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Health Screening questionnaire

  1. What gender are you? Male               Female
  2. What age group? <16            17-25            26-32             33+
  3. Have you had any previous injury? Yes              No                 If yes what?_______________________________
  4. Have you got a current injury? Yes              No               if yes what injury? ___________________________________
  5. Have you got any illness? Yes                No             if yes what? __________________________________________________
  6. How often do you exercise? Everyday             twice a week              3 times a week            less than 3 times a week              never
  7. What kind of exercise you do? _____________________________________________
  8. Have you ever had to be referred to medical staff from sport? Yes            no             if yes why?____________________________________________
  9. Are you on any Medication? Yes                 No              if yes what?_______________________________________________________
  10. How often do you take it? n/a             every day           once a week            other (please specify) ______________________  

Devise and use appropriate health screening procedures for two contrasting individuals.  (p3)

We used the inbody analyser as one of the health screening tests. We made sure it was contrasting by having one male and one female. They both had different ages aswell. So they were obvisoly going to have different results. The other tests we could of done were blood pressure kit which we did use. Peak flow metre, resting heart rate, cholesterol test and skinfold callipers. On the inbody analyser im going to talk about the female first.

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17 year old female   164.0cm

Body composition analaysis- the target weight for this person is 57.5 and shes on 56.6 so shes under her target. The total body water target is 30.2kg. The protein weight in the body is 8.1kg, mineral is estimated of 3.00 and body fat mass is 15.3. This create the body weight.

Muscle- fat analysis- the weight of this person is 56.6kg. the normal range is 48.8-66.0 kg so she is in the normal range. Skeletal muscle mass (SMM) is 22.4kg which is in the normal range as the normal range is 21.8-26.7. The ...

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