Identification and justification of the components of fitness

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Identification and justification of the components of fitness

Taking part in any sport requires high levels of physical fitness this includes stamina, speed, somatotype, suppleness, balance, reaction time, strength, agility and co-ordination. Different sports require different components within there sport. I am going to discus the components of fitness that are required in netball, and validate why the components are important for netball.

Stamina: 'Stamina is the ability to work for relatively long periods of time without becoming fatigued. (Or for the heart and lungs to cope with activity over long periods of time)

It is important to have good stamina in netball so that the players can keep performing to a high standard; without getting fatigued consequently leading to tiredness and effecting player performance. Stamina is important in all round netball but players have restricted areas on the court that they can/cannot move in, for example, centre has the freedom to move in all of the court apart from the semi - circle, therefore centre needs good stamina. However a goalkeeper and goal shooter for example are only restricted to one third of the court so therefore work more aerobically so in turn don't need as much stamina.

Nevertheless a netball match lasts 60 minutes and the court is 100 feet long and 50feet wide so the team as a whole has to have good stamina to keep up with the pace of the game. The game is divided into four quarters and this helps the players recover from each quarter of play both physically and mentally.
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Netballers therefore usually carry out fartlek training which means 'speed play' it's a method of training in which we vary pace and training conditions, since in netball we wouldn't constantly be running at one particular speed. Having good stamina as a netballer is beneficial, it reduces chance of fatigue within a game which enables players to perform to there highest levels, for example if a player was tired in the last quarter of a game due to fatigueness they may lose a 50-50 ball leading to the opposition to gain position and score.

Speed: ' is ...

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