Impact of Steroids in Porfessional Sports

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Impacts of Steroids in Professional Sports

Steroids have been an ongoing problem in professional sports for a long time. Some believe that it is an acceptable aspect, and others think that it provides an unfair advantage and should be completely eliminated in all minor and major league sports. Whether athletes are injecting the performance enhancing drugs, or swallowing them in pill form, harsher rules need to be enforced no matter supporting or denying all forms of steroids.

The male body produces 2.5 to 11 mg of testosterone a day, and for athletes to not think that is enough and produce more artificial hormones is ridicules, as doing so can cause many health issues. When athletes or any other person takes steroids it can permanently stunt their growth for the rest of their life, resulting in early skeletal maturation and accelerated hormone changes. This is a problem because it will cause the growing person to be short for the rest of his life, as well as the cause of jaundice, which makes the teens or adults skin, body tissue and body fluids to have a yellowish colour to them. These are only minor affects compared to effects like high blood pressure, increases in the LDL and decreases in the HDL, causing athletes and teens alike to have very poor cholesterol. There are also known cases of kidney tumours directly linked to steroid use.
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These known affects are too severe to allow human beings to undertake, just for a chance at fame or professional league sports. As well to these, there are gender specific changes that can occur. Males can experience smaller testicles due to less need of testosterone, as well as reduced sperm count and infertility. Not only these, but they may also experience baldness, the development of breasts and with the use of artificial hormones, there is a high increased risk of prostate cancer. Female's experience many changes just as dangerous and altering as males, which can include growth of ...

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