Investigation into how group dynamics affect the performance of a football team.

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Lloyd Johnson

Investigation into how group dynamics affect the performance of a football team

The inspiration into the interest of how group dynamics affects the positive or negative performance of a football team. Through this assignment I will be looking at team cohesion, loafing, group productivity and leadership to see how these affect a football team’s performance. Team cohesion is “a common term associated with the concept of a group dynamics and is a two-way process. Individuals are attracted to a group through common motivation and value this bonds the relationship within a group” (Carron 1980).From this theory I think that if all of the performers participating in the game have a strong interest in playing the game and doing well then this will encourage the team spirit therefore influencing the teams performance. An example of this from resent is Chelsea football club. There new owner Roman Abramovich has a lot of money and the manager  has taken the opportunity and bought a lot of expensive players from all different teams. The team has bonded very quickly and are currently 3rd in the league table.  

   Also from this the “social” side of the game plays a big part in the way performers perform. I think this is because if you are playing with friends in a team then you may feel that if you don’t perform at your best then you are letting your friends/team friends down causing friction in the team. This will encourage the performer to play 100%. Therefore showing friends that you are committed and wanting to play.

    On the negative side of this theory I think that even though the performers of the team have a good team spirit if they have little ability then this may hinder there chances of winning in competition. But there willingness will help the individuals improve therefore improving the group.

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To be a good cohesive group (carron1980) defined that the characteristics of a cohesive group must have

  • A collective identity
  • A sense of shared purpose
  •  Structure patterns of communication

These three different points have there own key input towards stabilising the groups basis. I think all are needed as well due to the fact that if one is lost then interest and motivation maybe lost and the group will not bond and perform positively.

A simple investigation into team cohesion could be if I was to pick 6 football players which were all friends and new ...

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