Leadership skills in a sports activity. Communication and motivation.

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Corey Mckinnon                                Mr Aldous                                      Sports studies



This skill requires the leader to communicate verbally and nonverbally. Verbal communication involves the talking to the individual or group. When doing this you need to speak loud and clear when you are talking to players in order for them to understand what you are saying.

The players also need to understand the task in hand there fore the correct use of language is needed in order for the players to understand what is expected of them, for example if you were teaching a group of year 1’s you would need to keep it simple come down to there eye level, where as if you were teaching a group of post 16 you would use more complex words

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Non verbal communication involves body language, facial expressions and signals. It could also include the use of a whistle to communicate with the individuals. For example the way you are standing, a certain face you make or if you do something with your hands this should show what you want to say with out you saying it.

Verbal communication involves talking this is easy enough to do, you just have to tell the student/players what you need to.


Positioning is vital with in leadership, for example if it is a windy day and ...

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