Local and National Provision for Fotball.

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Local and National Provision

The sport I have chosen to reasearch locally and nationally about is football. The borough I live in and have researched locally on I Hammersmith and Fulham.

Physical Activity and sport team are responsible for leisure centres, competitions, football courses and events throughout Hammersmith and Fulham, as well as organising teams for the Lillie Road 5-A-Side Football League and Harrow Youth League. There are many agencies which are involved in football, such as Sport England, Sports Coach UK and the Central Council for Physical Recreation. They work with schools and clubs to encourage the residents within the borough to participate in football, plus other sports. Over 1,200 people took up the Physical Activity and Sports Team’s Exercise referral scheme operated by the health and leisure project. This scheme was designed for those who could benefit from some sort of football training because of a medical condition. The Physical Activity and Sport team have five main aims;

  • To promote the health benefits of active life styles
  • To promote a range of football that offers life style and an enjoyable way to spend leisure time.
  • To increase the quality of sports clubs in Hammersmith and Fulham
  • To attract inward investment
  • To increase the involvement of the educational establishments in football and physical activity

There is only one main local league called Harrow Youth League which includes some of the following teams; Larkspur Rovers, Princess Park, Pinnstars, White City Boys and Court Park. Most of these teams train on Tuesday nights and Saturday mornings, with games played on Sundays.  The majority of these teams are sponsored pro-star, local companies and other big companies such as Barclaycard. These names appear on the team’s kits and some training wear. These teams receive money from these sponsors for the club to spend on travelling, equipment, kits, etc. These are not just junior teams in junior leagues; most of the teams have an under-7’s team, under 9’s, under 11’s, under14’s, under 16’s and under 17’s. There is a senior side that play in the same leagues, but with senior versions.

Once playing in these leagues you can be selected to play for your borough, Hammersmith and Fulham. From playing for the borough you can get scouted to play for local clubs such as Fulham Football Club.

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There are many parks and open spaces offering residents and visitors to Hammersmith and Fulham, with an opportunity to enjoy playing football, in a safe and healthy environment. These parks include; Wormolt Park, Acton Park, Ravenscourt Park, Bishops Park, Little Scrubs. There are also football pitches in Hammersmith and Fulham, that teams or anyone can play on. These include; Wormwood Scrubs, White City Astroturf, Burlington Danes fields, Virgin Active, Acton Park Club, and East Acton Community Centre.

There are two local football clubs in Hammersmith and Fulham, Queens Park Rangers Football Club and Fulham Football Club. Fulham FC have ...

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