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local and national provision for sailing

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Grass roots development The grass roots development is the start of the every sport. The local clubs form a region, witch then goes to national level. The national governing body of sailing is the royal yachting association. They oversee and organize many sailing competitions throughout the year. The NGB have a youth scheme that targets the under 16's. To join the program a candidate must be part of a local club and taking part in racing regularly. The local club for the st Edmunds bury area is the st Edmunds bury sailing and canoeing association, Lackford Lake, near bury st Edmunds. From here the candidate should be encouraged to take part in open training sessions at the club. They should then move onto racing at other clubs that are more recognisable for their racing calendar, such as Alton water which is situated at Sutton in Suffolk. The coaches and trainers at the center will them recommend the candidate to join the program if they have the following: natural ability, talent and potential for RYA zone training. ...read more.


Nevertheless, sailors wanting to make the most of the opportunities available within each squad programme should try to stick to the pathway that will give them the best chance of being successful in the long term. To get to the Olympic level a performer must start at the bottom and work their way up. The performer should start at a level that is suitable for their skill and progress up accordingly. A pathway would go something like this; local club, regional's, then onto zone squad training and then finally national level. From the national level the RYA coaches would pick the Olympic team. This picture shows the pathway which a youth sailor could take to get to the national team. Additional agencies and bodies Additional agencies are the agencies that help with the funding or development of a sport. In the case of sailing additional agencies include sport relief and sport England (in the form of lottery funding). Provision for male/female competitors At local level the provision for male and female is equal. ...read more.


This club is waveney sailing club. The club provides 8 disabled access boats, designed to get disabled people into sailing and out on the water. The club has 45 disabled members from the great Yarmouth, Lowestoft and Norwich area. This means that the chance of meeting new friends is very high. 200 or so clubs around the UK have a wide range of special facilities and volunteers to help. Many have hoists, launching ramps and specially adapted changing rooms. Some are RYA Training Centers where sail training is offered. International competitions such as the Paralympic games encourage young people to take up sailing. Critical analysis/ evaluation Sailing as a sport is a well established sport. It has been part of the Olympics since the 1900 Olympics in Paris. It has been in every Olympic Games since. Sailing is a good sport to get involved in as it is not as physical as some sports but still has provision for all. An incentive for getting involved with the sport is the 2012 Olympics in London. These games will encourage young people from the age of 8 years to get involved in sailing as it could mean they could represent their country at the games. ...read more.

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