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Local and National Provision Research and write about the local and national provision for your preferred sport. The aim of this assignment is to research the local and national provision for tennis.

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Local and National Provision Research and write about the local and national provision for your preferred sport. The aim of this assignment is to research the local and national provision for tennis. The main governing body for tennis is the Lawn Tennis Association. I will research how the LTA provides funding and helps players from a beginner level to and elite level. There are many ways in which a performer can improve and compete, I will research how these are done and what help is given. Often there isn't sports provision for those with disabilities, i will investigate what is available in tennis. I will also research what is available in our area. Tennis venues in Suffolk include ? Park courts ? Clubs and village courts ? School and education facilities Tennis courts in parks are generally maintained and run by local authorities for example in Bury St Edmunds there are courts in the Abbey Gardens. ...read more.


OUR MISSION, More players, Better players." (www.LTA.org.uk) The LTA aims to develop tennis from the grass roots of tennis to international success. They have clear priorities, juniors, clubs and performance. They believe in order to succeed, tennis needs to be played from a young age, money is invested in encouraging very young children to the game and helping them develop their skills to become talented players who will represent their country. The British Tennis Foundation is the official tennis charity. It works alongside the LTA, to provide opportunity for young people and those with disabilities. It helps organise come and try sessions, national training programmes and international tournaments. The Central Council of Physical Recreation CCPR is responsible for distributing lottery money to national governing bodies, some of this money is given to the LTA to invest in the development of tennis. The National Coaching Federation NCF aims to improve the standard of coaching in the UK. ...read more.


14-22years, academies and intermediate, preparing players to make the step from junior to senior game by providing competitions and physical conditioning ? 22+, senior players, intensive coaching and training. If a talented player wishes to pursue a career in tennis but also study for a degree at university, special scholarships are available to ensure top coaching is still available but alongside studies. Wheelchair tennis can be played against others in wheelchairs or able bodies players. The International Tennis Foundation regulates the wheelchair game. The ITF ensures wheelchair competitors can compete in the worlds most prestigious events. Wheelchair tennis can be played on regular tennis courts, so some facilities are available. Many wheelchair players are discriminated against and there are no wheelchair teams locally. This is because nationally wheelchair isn't as widely played as able bodied tennis. Tennis provision is minimum at the moment, but it is higher than it has been. The LTA is committed to developing the game and with encouragement from those already participating I believe in the future tennis will have the best facilities and provision, regardless of their age, gender, or ability. 849 words www.wtatour.com www.itfwheelchairtennis.com www.itfjuniors.com www.minitennis.com www.btf.com www.lta.org.uk ...read more.

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