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Grass Roots Football

In Peterborough one of the first way in which people access football is through their school, either through the school curriculum, school clubs or school club links. The aim of the school curriculum is to give people a chance to play certain sports, largely at a low level of attainment, if the performer wished to improve performance this is the point where they will make use of school numerous club links. Another role schools take in providing provision in football is providing competitive matches between other schools in the area and further afield. This role is taken on by the PSSP, which is the Peterborough school sports partnership. The PSSP arranges fixtures in the city. The PSSP also has many coaches in which to help a performer’s development and to help people just starting the sport. They have the support of Simon Ryan who is a Peterborough United community football coach. Cup competitions are arranged by the ESFA, the English school football association.

Local Football

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Peterborough has a pretty comprehensive local football system ranging from U9 to senior level. The main junior leagues in the area are the Peterborough Junior Alliance League and the Peterborough and District Youth League.

Peterborough Junior Alliance League

Peterborough and District Youth League

It is quite hard to be critical of these leagues as they provide good structured competitive football for performers of differing abilities, as every age group has 3 division and I can personally say that you need have no strong footballing ability in which to play in the lower divisions. One way in which ...

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