Mental Preparation For various Games.

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Keith Wood. The Raging Potato

Mental Preparation For various Games

Before any sport, mental preparation is very important. It can be the difference between a bad, average or good performance from the player concerned.

I have chosen Keith Wood for his experience, discipline and the fact that he is a legend.

In rugby especially, mental preparation is just as important as a warm up. It can raise your respiration rate, heart beats per minuet and put you in the correct state of mind for the game ahead.

How much or how intense the preparation is depends on several things:

* Your Opponents: You may need more/less mental preparation depending on your opponents. E.g. against churchers this year, we had to prepare for the biggest and hardest game of our lives. They are a very good, big team, and last time we played them they beat us 46-0. This will be explained with more bullet points.

* Level of competition: The Game against churchers was in the Daily Mail (national) cup and had we won, we would b in the top 62 schools left in the country. This motivated most of us, however, the pressure of this big event showed in some players.
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* Environment: The game was played on our own school pitches, in the middle of a big open field. This implies that the game does not mean a lot, and there is not a lot at stake. If the game had been played in a big stadium and there were floodlights, terraces, big screens ect then ther3e would have been more pressure and therefore the big stage would have made us prepare for the game even further

* Crowd: The crowd watching you can be a big part of your mental preparation. If you have an away ...

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