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Mental Preparation For various Games.

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Keith Wood. The Raging Potato Mental Preparation For various Games Before any sport, mental preparation is very important. It can be the difference between a bad, average or good performance from the player concerned. I have chosen Keith Wood for his experience, discipline and the fact that he is a legend. In rugby especially, mental preparation is just as important as a warm up. It can raise your respiration rate, heart beats per minuet and put you in the correct state of mind for the game ahead. How much or how intense the preparation is depends on several things: * Your Opponents: You may need more/less mental preparation depending on your opponents. E.g. against churchers this year, we had to prepare for the biggest and hardest game of our lives. They are a very good, big team, and last time we played them they beat us 46-0. ...read more.


* Significant others: If there is some one/people you must impress in the game, say your dad, who has never seen you play before, or a girlfriend, who you want to impress, or even a scout. This can put enormous pressure on the player and this nervous energy can be used to promote performance or destroy performance. Last Wednesday, against the weald. Mr Turner took us to the game. It was important for everyone to play well as next year he will be our coach. I, like others in our team used this opportunity to impress him; Mr Baldwin said that many of us impressed our future coach. This is due to mental preparation. Personally, I used methods to psych myself up slightly more than usual, my attitude before the game was important. I believed in myself, my strength and ability. I used unfair play and decisions to motivate and promote a performance. ...read more.


Significant others consisted of Lions Selectors, wives, children and people alike. Mental rehearsal is where you do a certain action, for good luck or just because it's comfortable. Johnny Wilkinson is a good example, as he has a distinct style of kicking his conversions and penalties. He draws a line from the posts down to the ball and imagines the ball flying along that line through the posts. He also has many other rehearsals, this is just one of them. When I go out to play rugby, I say to myself "don't cross the white line onto the pitch until I'm ready to play my heart out". This puts my mind into a ruthless winning mode. It is important to be in the correct frame of mind but it is as important if not more important to keep your DICIPLINE. Especially in rugby it is easy to go over the top, get carried away and throw a punch or stamp ect. This will get you yellow carded and you will have lost an opportunity to represent, impress and play. ...read more.

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