My programme - The sport I take part in is football .I play regularly for the school team.

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My programme

The sport I take part in is football .I play regularly for the school team. I am 15 years old, this is important because when designing a training programme you need to consider that being a boy my body wont be fully developed until I am about 20 years old. This means that my bones won’t be fully-grown yet and my muscles will also still be developing. My current health is good. I have no illnesses and currently have no injuries. My current fitness level is above average. Average fitness level is the average level of fitness of the people of my age group. I have a high muscular strength and power but a low flexibility level. My current weekly routine would be –        

  • I walk about 3km to and from school each day.
  • I play waterpolo once a week for Salisbury U-18’s
  • I play football for the school team up to twice a week
  • I play football at lunch with my friends most lunchtimes

The fitness tests that I have done that are relevant to my plan are the Cooper 12 Minute run test in which I ran 2700 metres which is in the above average ability group. I wish to improve my endurance because a high endurance level would be very advantageous in football. The last relevant test that I did is the HandGrip Dynamometer test and I scored 46kgs in this test which means I have a high muscular strength which is helpful in football because it means I can run very quickly, make a tackle and then pass the ball up the field

If you are fit then your heart rate will go up less and less quickly than if you are unfit. Also when you stop exercising it will go down much quicker and go back your resting heart rate than if you are unfit.

The reasons I want to get fitter are because the fitter you get the harder it is to get injuries. Being fit strengthens your joints and bones. It also reduces body fat, which means there is less pressure on your heart. Being fitter would also improve my general performance in all the sports which I play.

There is only one exercise that I really dislike and that is running on treadmills inside a gym. I dislike it because I find it boring and very tedious. Instead of running on treadmills in my training programme I will do my running out in the countryside.

Aspects of fitness

Agility – agility is the ability to change direction and your body position very quickly. This is very important in football because it is a fast moving game.

Muscular Endurance – the ability to continue working your muscles for sustained periods of time. This is important in football to stay in the game effectively

Strength – strength is the ability to exert a lot of force on an immovable object. This is important in football when jumping for a header and when you sprint for the ball from a stand-still

Flexibility – flexibility is the ability to move a joint through a wide selection of movement. Good flexibility would help football because it would mean I would have a fuller range of movement in individual strides.

Speed – speed is how quickly you react to something and carry out a certain movement. For example the ball bounces off the crossbar and into play and you react to it bouncing off and sprint to it

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Stamina – stamina is muscular endurance. It is important in football in general play

Explosive & Dynamic Strength – you use explosive strength to exert force in one very short but fast movement and dynamic strength to apply force repeatedly. For example, shooting, and then following up in case of a goalkeeper error


         Distance running, this would improve my endurance and the main muscles it will work are my quadriceps, hamstrings gastrocnemius and gluteals.

                Distance swimming, this will improve my endurance and it will work most of my muscles, including the quadriceps, hamstrings, ...

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