Netball Analysis of a Performer Below my Standard.

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AS P.E Coursework – Sarah-Jane Poingdestre

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Netball Analysis of a Performer Below my Standard

The person I have chosen to analyse does not play netball as a sport outside of school. She has played netball as part of compulsory P.E lessons but not as a part of school teams. I observed her in a game situation in a variety of positions and also in a structured practice situation, where I was focusing on particular skills.

Core Skills


The ability to successfully and efficiently pass and receive the ball is central to the game of netball and one of the most basic skills. A person who plays at any level should have a reasonable ability in this area. The performer I observed had fairly good coordination and ability to catch the ball, and rarely dropped it. There were some occasions in a game where she wasn’t quite ready to catch the ball and wasn’t able to adapt quickly to the situation she was put in. When the ball was passed to her above her head she tended not jump for the ball and preferred to wait for the ball to come to her, which meant that several of these passes were quite easily intercepted.. In a game situation she always caught the ball with two hands and in a structured drill she was very reluctant to use one hand to catch ball and had very little control over it. This could be disadvantage in a situation in the goal circle when trying to receive the rebound if the ball is heading off court. A one handed catch is also beneficial when trying to intercept a pass.

In a game situation she favoured chest passes most of the time and there was very little variation in the passes she used throughout the game. There were many situations in the game when a different pass would have been more suitable, however she wasn’t able to adapt to the situation. For example, when two players were defending her and the area was well marked, a bounce pass or an overhead pass might have been a better choice of pass. However, she used a chest pass, which was easily intercepted. She executed her chest passes with the correct technique and the advantage of using a chest pass is that it can be received easily as it is at chest height and can also be adapted for longer and shorter distances. Although she was reluctant to use vary her passes in a game situation, in a practice situation she was able to perform several different passes correctly. She may have been reluctant to use these passes in a game situation due to a lack of experience and confidence.

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        In a game situation her footwork was very inconsistent. She didn’t appear to be properly aware of the footwork rules, and would often take one extra step on landing. There were mistakes made several times on pivoting, by using the wrong foot to pivot on. There were also several occasions where a pivot would have made her passing options much better, but she didn’t take advantage of this and struggled to make a pass from the position she was already in. She always used a one-footed landing. A two-footed landing can be preferential as it provides better cushioning ...

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