Observation and Analysis of a Netball game.

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Observation and Analysis

After observing Rebecca, a netball player positioned as Goal Attack I have identified both strengths and weaknesses in her performance. One of her strengths would be her general ball handling skills; I am yet to see her make one mistake whilst receiving the ball from another team member. The ball is always efficiently received and immediately passed on to another player.  Since I started observing Rebecca she has used a range of passing techniques including bounce pass and shoulder pass, but has most often used the more accurate chest pass. She is also clearly a good attacking central court player as she creates space and time for her team members whilst communicating on the attack. Displaying her ability to be a good team player and also a good leader/captain.

One weakness that I have identified would be Rebecca’s shooting. As a Goal Shooter she needs to improve her accuracy and knowledge of the best technique to use whilst shooting. In order to improve Rebecca needs a successful action plan of her weaknesses, her improvements and a timescale. I realise how important an action plan can be, due to my past experience with my Personal Performance Portfolio for AS level P.E. For the action plan to be successful she needs to train, and could base her training programme on the training principles. Firstly, she has to ensure that the programme is specific to netball and the skill of shooting. Rebecca has to progress by increasing the duration, intensity and frequency at whilst she trains. She needs realistic goals in training, e.g. scoring at least six out of ten shots for the first training session and then increase the difficulty. Depending on the time scale chosen for improvements she could use a Macro, Meso or Micro cycle for improvements long or short term. She could also use the principle of overload by taking away a time scale to a training session and just keep shooting until she has ten or fifteen shots in one go, which ever is most challenging. She has to be aware of reversibility and the fact that if she stops training her ability would decrease at a pace dependent on how long she has been training. Also the principle of tedium has to be considered, ensuring variance in training session to avoid fatigue and increase motivation.

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Rebecca’s body would then have certain adaptations to the training. Even though she has been concentrating on improving a skill, she has also improved her endurance and fitness level by training so much. The short-term adaptations to training would be an increase in heart rate, ventilation, temperature and blood pressure. The long-term adaptations would be a decrease in resting heart rate, an increase in stroke volume, bradycardia, and size of left ventricle, lung volume to utilise more alveoli, elasticity of arterial walls, capillarisation and muscle mitochondria.

Another training adaptation would be the amount of slow and fast ...

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