PE AS Level - Rugby Match Report

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Where: International School Bangkok (ISB).

When: 3rd November 2012.

Team: Bangkok Lions U19/U17.

Coach: Ahmed Fawzi.

Opposition: ISB U19.

Match Details: Split into 4 quarters, 2 10s and 2 15s with each quarter being 15minutes.


10s: 22:5 (loss)

15s: 10:7 (win)

Warm up: Started off with a gentle jog around the pitch to get blood flowing to the necessary muscles. This would also begin to increase our focus and get us into the mindset required to play the game. We then lined up and ran short distances as a team with the coach calling out the changes in direction whether it was to the left, right, and front or back. Press ups and sit ups were soon added to this exercise to help raise the intensity in which we were warming up in. We then moved into some independent static stretches starting at the calf muscles then the hamstrings and other needed areas depending on the person. Personally I focused on my back. We then moved into some quick dynamic stretches over a short distance, we did things like lunges and squats and other stretches that were more sports specific.

Main Match:

Quarter 1: Took me some time to get into the needed psychological mindset for a rugby game and need to work on reducing my nerves and increasing my levels of concentration. As a team we had physically and tactically underestimated ISB and found that they were able to force us to over commit to breakdowns. The opposition maintained their positions well and always supported their ball carrier. We on the other hand struggled at breakdowns due to our mixed age group team, we chose not to compete or even jump for line outs knowing full well that we were physically outmatched. I found though that my tackling had improved significantly since last season due to an increase in muscular strength and power. This coupled with the amount of times the opposition attacked allowed me to tackle constantly over the 15 minute period. In the scrums my binding was better than I thought and was able to hold the position of the scrum together thus allowing us to compete effectively for possession.

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Quarter 2: Didn’t play because the coach was trying to rotate on other players. My fitness had also begun to let me down in 10s and my coach felt that it was better to rest me for the 15s.

Quarter 3: We now switched to playing 15 a side and the recent defeat to ISB had significantly improved the teams focus and motivation. Our team’s lower level of fitness was now not much of a problem since we had more on the field. Right from the kick off we contested for the ball constantly and always tackled hard. We tried ...

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