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Catching a high ball:

In rugby union catching the high ball is a skill every player should learn despite their position although backs are likely to catch a high ball more often than forwards. Catching a high ball is usually the best option if surrounded by the opposition to ensure that you get to the ball first. I will now talk through the perfect technique for catching a high ball.


The first thing you should do is look to see what is going on around you before committing yourself to the catch. When you decide to go for the catch ensure that you let everyone around you that this kick is your catch. This will avoid confusion and stop more than one player going for the same ball. When everyone is aware that you are to be the person going for the ball, you should quite obviously get in line with the ball’s path. Always keep your eyes on the ball at all times (this is often difficult when there are opposition players around you vying for the same ball).


When you have read the ball’s path and are now in a position to attempt to catch it start to extend your arms towards the direction of the ball (point at the ball). You should bend your elbows slightly and put them in and upwards. Remember to keep your eyes on the ball. Now position yourself side on to your opponent with a wide stance. The reason for this is to protect the ball and protect yourself if your opponent tackles you after taking the catch.

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You may or not decide to catch the ball in mid air. In this case remain side on and raise one knee towards your waist to protect yourself. Bear in mind that it is illegal to be tackled in the air.


You should catch the ball at or above eye level before bringing the ball into your hands and then your body (start catch with fingertips and ...

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