Daniel Hodgson                Strengths & Weaknesses

Improving My Strengths & Weaknesses


In football there are three main aspects that put together my performance; skills/techniques, strategies/tactics and fitness.  My aim is to analyse my performances and then identify my strengths and weaknesses.  Then, I will set some clear, realistic and achievable goals that I can reach by taking on an action plan for 6 weeks.  From looking at my strengths and weaknesses I will develop this action plan mainly to improve my weaknesses.  I also need to have a method of evaluating the plan, so it can be considered a success or failure, so I can learn to develop a more efficient action plan next time.

I am going to look into the three aspects (skills/techniques, strategies/tactics and fitness) to first of all identify three strengths and secondly the three weaknesses of each aspect, I can judge my strengths and weaknesses by recording myself and watching back for analysing.



  1. Long Shot: I believe my long shot is pretty successful, as I train it quite a lot and my legs are strong enough to get quite a lot of power.  Although I think I could use my long shot a lot more in a match, so I think I need to be more confident.  In training I hit 8/10 on goal and in a match 1 out of 4 long shots I score.

  1. Long Pass: My long passes are quite accurate; they usually land within 8 yards of my target. I often practice a variety of long passes in training, I have accomplished each technique including inside swerve, outside swerve, straight on, chips and spin passes.  I could improve the speed of how long it takes my body to get into position.  In training 8/10 land within 8 yards of my target and in a match ½ get to my target, this is because of the increased pressure says my manager.

  1. First Touch: My first touch is often very composed, controlled and often the ball is left where I want it to be.  Although my first touch is quite successful I could maybe be more aware of what’s going on around me eg. If nobody is in the way I could take a first touch, which allows me to run on to, or if I’m tightly marked and the ball is in the air I could decide not to take a first touch and go for a header instead.  In training my first touch is successful 90% of the time.  In a match I do not try as many first touches, I stay pretty basic, my first touch in a match is successful, my manager says I succeed 85% of the time.


  1. Speed: I believe that speed is a major strength in my game although there’s still a lot of room for improvement.  I know when to use my speed and when not too, I can twist and turn quite well at speed and slow down pretty quickly.  In a game, I usually can out pace 9/10 people.
  2. Jumping: I would say my jumping is above average, I am quite confident in the air when going to head a ball, my standing jump is good and my running jump is also quite good although I don’t have the bravery to do many running jumps.  Maybe if I improved my technique I would be braver.  There is still a lot of room for improvement, as I have never tried to improve my jump.  In a game my coach says I usually out jump 2 out 3 people.
  3. Upper body strength: I am quite a strong person, I do try to increase my strength by doing weights in the gym although I could do with a new programme.  I often try to use my strength as much as I can because it’s quite important to be able to hold the ball up as a forward, I’m pretty confident with my strength as I have experienced many battles with all kinds of players.  My manager says I’m pretty capable strength wise and I usually out battle 8/10 players although if I got stronger my strength would play a major part in my game.
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  1. Motivating: When in a game I try to use the right ratio of positive and negative feedback.  I also try to deal it to the right kind of player.  When in a game I try to motivate the team by setting targets, e.g. to score a goal.  Although if I’m not very close to my teammates I tend to sit back and leave others to motivate but after a while I begin to.  After the game my Dad always tells me I should talk more in a match so I can be clearer with players.
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