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Personal exercise plan


I always liked sports, sports for me is something that enjoyed playing. For this course work, I have chosen to complete a circuit-training programme. This is because I need to improve my chosen sport, which is Netball, I have chosen Netball because I am quite familiar with this sports. I have been plying netball for three years now, and I see my self as intermediate player. I also enjoy playing the sports. Seeing as netball is fast game and is mainly about running, jumping, throwing, catching, attacking, defending, and scoring or stopping goals being scored, it require me to be a good team-mate and therefore would like to improve them with my exercise plan

   To help me improve this very important skills I have chosen to take part in six weeks long exercise, and in those weeks, I will be improving the specific fitness levels required for netball

   In netball, the fitness that can be improved is speed. Speed in netball is the ability to move around in the court in the quickest possible time.


My aim for this exercise plan is to improve my level of playing netball such as centre player, and defender, and become more successful by improving my current standard.


 Before carrying out my circuit, I will be doing a pre-test that are appropriate to the aspects of a netball player. My aim for this is to improve my level of fitness. I will carry out the pre tests so that at the end of the personal exercise plan I can see how fit I was before and after carrying out the circuit. I have tested myself for stamina, strength, agility, and flexibility. Also at the end of the personal exercise plan, I will do the same tests to show how much I have improved. The following table shows the resting heart rate and the recovery time for all the pre-tests, I took.



 Safety elements

  While I am doing the circuit training, I will make sure that I consider the safety elements that are….

  • The area I am playing must be clean from rubbish around which can prevent hazard.
  • To make sure that I warm up and cool down effectively.
  • To make sure that I have stretched effectively after warming up and cooling down.
  • I will not be wearing any jewellery, as it may be dangerous.
  • Will ensure that any equipment I am using during my training is safe and checked before using them.
  • I will also ensure that I don’t over exercise as it can cause me injury and that will slow down my exercise plan
  • I will also make sure that I do not have any injuries before I start my exercise.
  • I will also be wearing correct PE kit and not clothes that are not appropriate to the exercise.
  • I will also ask someone to coach me (like my PE teacher) to check that I am doing the exercise correctly.
  • I have also decided not to use the same exercise through out my exercise plan, as this will only get the same muscles working, which may cause them to become fatigued.
  • I shall carry out a sequence of exercise. Work out my arms, legs, and cardiovascular.
  • It is important for me to read instructions if I am using any heavy/dangerous equipment weight.

Before I start my exercise plan, I noted the following about my self

  • I do not have any injuries that may cause my performance to be poor.
  •  I do not see my GP at regular basis

Fitness requirement for netball

Speed- Is to be able to move all or parts of the body in the quickest possible time. If we want our bodies to achieve speed, we have to supply energy to our muscles very quickly. The muscles then have contract in the shortest possible time. To improve our speed, we need to improve our reaction time. This is the ability to respond to a stimulus quickly. Moreover, speed is to improve the ability to change speed and direction when moving quickly. To test speed you just run for over a measured distance, making sure you time your self. For example, I will measure my speed by doing as many shuttle run as I can in the quickest time.

50m speed test

Agility- is the ability to change the direction of our body at speed. It is combination of speed, balance, power, and coordination.

To be able to play netball it requires both speed and agility, because the game is constantly testing your reaction, so you must maintain your speed for the duration of the game. We can improve out agility by training. We must also improve our speed, balance, power, and coordination, because all these fitness aspects affect our agility. We can test our agility, by using test such as Illinois agility run. To do this you have lie down on the floor at the starting line, then leap to your feet and complete the course in the shortest possible time. To test my agility, I will do the Illinois agility runs in the fastest possible time. Then I will be comparing my result with the national Illinois agility chart (below)

Illinois agility (chart) runs (in seconds)

   Stamina- (also known as aerobic capacity or cardio-respiratory endurance) this is ability to work long period with out getting tired, Is the ability for our hearts and lung system to cope with activity over a period. We can improve our stamina by taking part regular in any exercise involving the whole body. If we want to do that then we must keep our heart rates between 60-80%.

 We measure stamina by finding how much oxygen we can in one minute of maximum exercise. If I want to improve my stamina, then I will be doing multistage fitness test (beep test). To do this I have to perform a number of 20 minutes metre shuttle runs in time to beeps from a pre-recorded tape. After each minute, the intervals between each beep get shorter, so my running has to increase. However not to do this instead I decided to do cooper 12-minute run. This test is to run as far in 12 minutes as I can around a marked area. The total distances I run is what I’m going to record, and compare my self-with the national aerobic chart for 15-16 yrs old (below)

12-minute cooper run

Flexibility – is the ability to move our joints to their full range of movement. Flexibility is also known as mobility or suppleness. Flexibility is necessary because it keeps us healthy and makes avoid injury.

 We can improve our flexibility by stretching out our muscles and tendons and by extending our ligaments, and supporting tissues all beyond their normal range of movement. There are four types of stretching static, passive, active, pnf stretching.

  To measure my flexibility I will be doing sit and reach test. This test assesses the flexibility of the hamstrings. To do this test I will be sitting on the floor legs straight, feet flat against a box. My finger tips on the edge of the top of the plate. Bend the trunk and reach forward slowly and as far as possible. Keeping my knees straight, I will hold the position for two seconds, then I will measure the distance from the edge of the plate to the position reached by my fingertips. A person who can reach their toes scores 0 cm. after that I will be comparing my score with the national sit and reach test chart.  

Sit and reach test

Warm up and cool down

 Is a period of general exercise using the whole body, in preparation for physical activities? To prevent any injuries, I will make worm up and cool down session before each session is carried out. I will be using warm up to begin my training sessions and cool down at the end of my training sessions. Netball demands rapid reactions, and my warm-up will reflect this. My approach will be dynamic using short bursts of speed. I will begin with my warm-up with dynamic running activities such as forward, backward, and sideways running.

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   I will be stretching between running activities. I will be stretching the large muscle groups, such as hamstring, quadriceps, groin, calves, back, arms, and shoulders.

-The stretches that I will be following are, starting at the top of my body. First I will work out my neck, do this I will tilt my head right and hold it for 8 seconds. The repeat this tilting my head to the left for eight seconds as well.

-I will be folding my right arm over the back of my head touching my left shoulder, holding this stretch for 8 ...

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