Jack Scorgie L6WL                                Task One

Age                16

Height                5 ft 10 inch

Weight                10.5 stone

DOB                15-05-87

Aim of PEP

During the program I would like to improve my:        STRENGTH

                                                        AEROBIC ENDURANCE




Above lists various health related components of football. There are also skill related components I must improve including passing (long and short) shooting and running with the ball. This is important because combined with health components; there is also a skill related fitness aspect, which helps a performer improve within a game situation.

These goals can only be achieved by training. To test my progress along the way, various fitness tests can be set up. These include:

Sit and Reach: This tests flexibility. The test involves you sitting down with your legs in front of you, and reaching forward as far as possible without bending your knees or lifting your legs off the floor.  

Standing Jump: This tests your leg power. It is simply a jump without a run up, measured by distance.

VO2 Max Test: This tests your cardio-vascular capacity. This test involves a jog back and forward between cones that are roughly 30m apart. The aim is to last as long as possible, timing your arrival at each cone to ‘beeps’ that sound. These beeps sound regularly, but then get closer and closer together as you reach a higher-level.

Press Ups: This tests your muscular endurance in your biceps, triceps, pectorals and shoulders.

Sit Ups: This tests your muscular endurance in your abdominal muscles.

Illinois Test: This tests your agility. It is a test set up with cones that the performer has to sprint a round in the fastest time possible

Goal setting is important because it gives me a realistic aim and gives me motivation to achieve this over the eight-week program. It will also give me confidence if I set an achievable aim because if I set an unrealistic aim I would be disappointed and would subsequently lose confidence in my ability to train and perform.

My aim is to play regularly for the reserve adult team where I am the youngest player and currently do not play full games regularly. Improving the above list of fitness aspects and performing well when I get my chance can achieve this

My aim must be





Time Bound

The aim must be specific to the sport I am practicing because I could set a broad aim and achieve it easily. Being specific is important, as I will have to work hard in order to achieve it. In this case I want to become a regular for the adult Saturday football team I play for. The aim must be measurable because if it isn’t there is no way I can look at it and say that I achieved it Using the fitness tests above will help me measure my progress throughout the eight weeks.. If it is measurable it will be clear if I do or don’t achieve it. It has to be attainable and realistic because if it isn’t I will feel disheartened and de-motivated in my sport. Time is also important because I only have a limited amount in order to achieve my aim.

Safety Considerations

Warming up and cooling down at each session will prevent any sudden injuries that will disrupt the personal exercise plan. It will also allow me to work to a sufficient level the following day because I will have less aches and pains caused from the workout. Spotting is very important when using free or machine weights. A spotter must be present at all times in case of overstraining or over pushing an exercise. This is relevant to many of the exercises I will include in the PEP. The execution of techniques is vital, because if an exercise is performed wrongly over a long period of time, it can cause long-term injuries. I will have to watch this in bicep curls for example and other exercises that involve heavy weights.

Components of Fitness

Health Related

Strength         Definition: The maximum force that can be developed in a muscle or a group of muscles during a single maximal contraction.

In My Sport: To have the confidence to shield the ball when in possession and to challenge for it when not (headers, tackles)

Speed          Definition: The ability to put body parts into motion quickly, or the maximum rate that a person can move over a specific distance.

In My Sport: To have an advantage over an opponent when running with or without the ball. Will give me the confidence to run at players and run at speed to support the attack or help the defence.

Cardio-Respiratory         Definition: The ability to provide and sustain energy aerobically

Endurance        In My Sport: I will be able to play the full duration of the game without aerobic fatigue and without having muscle tiredness.

Body Composition        Definition: To have good body structure with sufficient body fat (about 16%)

                        In My Sport: To be strong on the ball but at the same time quick and agile.

Skill Related

Agility                        Definition: To move and change direction effectively

In My Sport: To have a better chance of receiving the ball and winning the ball and changing direction at speed

Balance                Definition: To stay comfortable while the body is dynamic

In My Sport: To withstand challenges from players and cope with the physical nature of the game.

Co-ordinance        Definition: The ability to perform motor tasks accurately and smoothly executing physical movements and responses.

                        In My Sport: Timing of movement during passing, shooting or tackling.

Reaction Time        Definition: Time taken to initiate a response to a given stimulus

In My Sport: Needs to be good when receiving the ball and choosing the right option out of many.


Fitness Testing


C.O.F                        Cardio-Vascular (VO2 max)

=The amount of oxygen that an individual can take in, transport and utilise per minute.

Cardio-Respiratory Endurance

                        =The ability to provide and sustain energy aerobically.

M.O.T                        Continuous

=Work on developing endurance. Exercise at a steady rate or low intensity, which use large muscle groups. Not much discomfort whilst training.


C.O.F                        Flexibility

M.O.T                        Stretching before and after training and when no training is scheduled.


C.O.F                        Power in legs

M.O.T                        Lower body weights such as calf raises or leg presses.


C.O.F                        Muscular Endurance

M.O.T                        Weights


C.O.F                        Muscular Endurance

M.O.T                        Circuit Training        


VO2 MAX                S/R                SJ                SU                PU                

Raw Score                44.5                        16                1.80                21                35

Level                        9.3                        -                -                -                -

Descriptor*                Fair                        Low                Ave                Poor                Ave


Raw Score                47.4                        15                1.95                27                34

Level                        10.0                        -                -                -                -

Descriptor*                Fair                        Low                Ave                Ave                Ave


Raw Score                51.2                        15                1.70                23                35

Level                        10.8                        -                -                -                -

Descriptor*                Ave                        Low                Ave                Poor                Ave

*Related to the National Average

PEP 8 Week Outline Planner

Methods Of Training

Machine/Free Weights

Machine weights are controlled movements dictated by the apparatus. Free weights, such as dumbbells or barbells, allow you to dictate the range of motion. Machines are great for beginners or those with limited range of motion. Free weights are great for the advanced weight trainer who wants maximal growth and who has the optimal control and range of motion. I will use weights, both free and machine to build various muscle groups to generate strength in those muscles.

This will involve                         Upper Body        Bicep / Tricep Curls

                                                        Lat Pull Downs

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                                                        Abdominal Crunches

                                            And        Lower Body        Leg Presses

                                                        Calf Raises

                                                        Weight Lunges

Rowing Machine

This increases the power and build of my body on particular muscle groups. It can be tested by the standing jump. The sets, reps and weight of each of the above will vary week to week using he progression principle. To find out what weight I expect to use I will carry out a 1 rep max test where I lift the heaviest I can. After knowing this I can work to a percentage of this weight.



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