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Personal exercise program (PEP).

Extracts from this document...


Jack Scorgie L6WL Task One Age 16 Height 5 ft 10 inch Weight 10.5 stone DOB 15-05-87 Aim of PEP During the program I would like to improve my: STRENGTH AEROBIC ENDURANCE POWER SPEED BODY COMPOSITION Above lists various health related components of football. There are also skill related components I must improve including passing (long and short) shooting and running with the ball. This is important because combined with health components; there is also a skill related fitness aspect, which helps a performer improve within a game situation. These goals can only be achieved by training. To test my progress along the way, various fitness tests can be set up. These include: Sit and Reach: This tests flexibility. The test involves you sitting down with your legs in front of you, and reaching forward as far as possible without bending your knees or lifting your legs off the floor. Standing Jump: This tests your leg power. It is simply a jump without a run up, measured by distance. VO2 Max Test: This tests your cardio-vascular capacity. This test involves a jog back and forward between cones that are roughly 30m apart. The aim is to last as long as possible, timing your arrival at each cone to 'beeps' that sound. These beeps sound regularly, but then get closer and closer together as you reach a higher-level. Press Ups: This tests your muscular endurance in your biceps, triceps, pectorals and shoulders. Sit Ups: This tests your muscular endurance in your abdominal muscles. Illinois Test: This tests your agility. It is a test set up with cones that the performer has to sprint a round in the fastest time possible Goal setting is important because it gives me a realistic aim and gives me motivation to achieve this over the eight-week program. It will also give me confidence if I set an achievable aim because if I set an unrealistic aim I would be disappointed and would subsequently lose confidence in my ability to train and perform. ...read more.


too easy so low heart rate and low intensity Wed 8th Oct Football Practice 2 pm 1 hour Aim To apply fitness and skill in match situation, particularly my stamina. MOT Flexibility - warm up Match session - practice match POT Specificity Progression Evaluation Enjoyment 4/5 Intensity 3/5 HR 143 BPM Comments Still lack fitness but skill related fitness is at a good level. Sat 11th Oct 1) Football training 10am 1 hour 30 mins Aim To further develop health related fitness and to practice skills and techniques that can further my performance in a competitive match. MOT Flexibility - in warm up Match session - practice 5-a-side match POT Specificity Progression Evaluation Enjoyment 4/5 Intensity 2/5 HR 114 BPM Comments Happy with fitness improvements but skill related fitness was poor and execution of simple techniques were poor 2) Football match 2pm 90 mins Aim To test my fitness level in my first start of the season (on Saturday's) MOT Flexibility - warm up Match session - 90 mins POT Specificity Progression Evaluation Enjoyment 5/5 Intensity 5/5 HR 176 BPM Comments Performed well. Technique was good but tired with about 15 mins left. Got cramp in both calves by the end. Sun 12th Oct Football match 10am 90 mins Aim To perform well and help team win. Health related fitness not required so much as I am in goal, but skill related fitness, concentration and agility need to be good. MOT Flexibility - warm up Match session - 90 mins match in goal POT Specificity Evaluation Enjoyment 4/5 Intensity 1/5 HR forgot to take heart rate after match. Comments Played poorly, maybe due to fatigue from the day before, but made some mistakes that led to goals. I am disappointed due to the lack of progress made from last week. I hope to prepare properly next week by increasing intensity for the mid week sessions. ...read more.


If I had concentrated on my diet over these eight weeks, it would have been interesting to see if there was any change in the results. I noticed that my PEP was scheduled in a way that meant I exercised for 5 days straight and then rested for two days. Maybe this was bad scheduling and could have spread it out a bit more. I don't think that I did enough on the two days I had off, which would have resulted in short term atrophy, which could have meant that I didn't progress as much as I should have. In many of my sessions, I took the attitude of low intensity, high frequency. However, maybe I could have developed by doing it the other way round. This way I could got used to lifting heavier weights, which would have better effects on my muscles. As I did it, I think that my muscles got used to the weight I was lifting, and that only a drastic change in frequency would have developed the muscles sufficiently. Despite the disappointing results I still managed to half reach my goal. I play far more regularly than before, and if I continue to improve, skill wise and fitness wise, I will be a complete regular I the team line up. However, I am still young and have a long time to achieve this, as most of the good players are 18-20 years old. I am still 16 and have a lot to learn and admit that I will not play a full part for a couple of seasons. Maybe, looking back at my aim, I shouldn't have been so optimistic. But I am more than happy with my progress as far as the team is concerned, although the results don't show me to be improving well enough. As I get older, my aim will get higher, maybe even playing for the first team, or moving to another club. But I think that this program has contributed a lot to helping me achieve my current goal, which, with continued hard work, I can achieve soon. ...read more.

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our AS and A Level Acquiring, Developing & Performance Skill section.

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