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The aim of this assignment is to explore my chosen sport; netball and to provide information on the governing bodies of netball. This includes their location and contact details, the regional structure throughout England, coaching and qualification awards,  promotional and grass root schemes on how to increase participation, regional and national competitions and ways in which blood doping and drugs tests are engaged with.


This diagram shows the format of the netball governing bodies throughout the world, it displays the governing body which is responsible at worldwide level, this is the IFNA. On a smaller scale it then shows the governing body responsible at European level, this is FENA, within the FENA are all the countries national governing bodies such as AENA.

Now I will go into more depth about each of the governing bodies explained in the diagram.

IFNA is the sole governing Body of netball internationally and is responsible for coordinating Netball on a global scale. Its contact details are as following below:

International Federation of Netball Association

Birmingham Sports Centre




B12 9DL


Tel: 0121 446 451

Fax: 0121 446 857

 It has many duties and responsibilities, its mission statement claims to be,

“… dedicated to promote and develop Netball as a desired sport in all countries of the world and to raise awareness and appreciation of the game.”

Also to:

  • foster, encourage, support and develop the game of netball
  • to control and conduct international competition

This includes organising the Netball World Championships. It is open to national netball associations and has 38 affiliated members grouped into 5 regions- Africa, Asia, Americas, Europe and Oceania. These include:



                                    Gibraltar                                              Malta

IFNA is responsible for the rules in netball. Within the commonwealth Netball has more active participants than any other sport.

FENA is the Federation of European Netball Associations. It has 7 affiliated members these include:

  • England
  • Malta
  • Wales
  • Scotland
  • Northern Ireland
  • Republic of Ireland
  • Gibraltar

Every year there is an annual tournament held in one of the affiliated countries. Finance comes from the IFNA. Its aim is to promote and develop Netball as a desirable sport in all countries of the world and to raise awareness and appreciation of the game.

Its contact details are:

Anne Steele (Executive Officer)


Belle Vue Leisure Centre

Kirkmanshulme Lane



M12 4TF

Tel: 44 (0) 121 446 4451

Fax: 44 (0) 121 440 2080



WORLD RANKINGS(from 1999 World Championships)


Netball is a worldwide game played in over 38 countries. Barbados and Jamaica are becoming very involved however in Netball there are 3 main countries that dominate the movement and development of the sport throughout the world. All three countries are part of a larger worldwide governing body called the IFNA.

Australia has been the world leaders in Netball for nearly 50 years, having won eight out of ten World Championships since their inception in 1963. It is very well developed throughout the country and even shows league matches on television. Their governing body is:

New-Zealand is the second most leading country for netball. Although not as developed as Australia New Zealand still had television coverage for main national matches. Their governing body is:

Contact Details

NNZ Office Contact Details

145 Manukau Road

PO Box 99710



Tel: 64 9 623 3200

Fax: 64 9 623 5777


Netball in New Zealand is a well grounded sport and is the number one sport for women and is played widely by women of all ages and by growing number of boys and men. There are over 120,000 participants and a further 80,000 playing in social competitions for over 1000 clubs in 128 Centres nationwide. It is the largest participation sport in secondary schools and is still growing.

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Competions in New Zealand netball include:

-National Bank cup- netball’s premier domestic competition

- Fisher and Paykel Series

- Smokefree Netball Provincial Championships

- NZ Age Group Championships

- NZ Secondary School Championships

- A host of regional and local tournaments

- Also common wealth games sport

England is the third most developed country in terms of netball, and has been around since 1895 where it was first played at Madame Ostenberg’s College, England after being introduced from the USA by Dr Toles. Their governing body is:

All England Netball Association ...

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