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Produce a good practice guide for two contrasting outdoor education activities. (P4) Good practice guide for Climbing and Paragliding

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In order to achieve a PASS grade you need to: 1. Produce a good practice guide for two contrasting outdoor education activities. (P4) Good practice guide for Climbing For many of us climbing is about recreation and freedom from structures. Outdoor Rock Climbing can be a very rewarding activity. Just as physically challenging as gym climbing, it is substantially more complex and ultimately more engaging. Outdoor rock climbing is divided into numerous categories including bouldering, Top Roping, sport climbing, Trad Climbing and big wall climbing. The enjoyment of these areas brings with it a responsibility, we need to be aware of the impact we have on our environment and take responsibility for our own safety. We must respect the interests of others and act as responsible partners in the use and development of the countryside. To ensure continued enjoyment of the hills and the crags, we have to accept some guidelines for our activities: Preparation... "" Be properly equipped and fit for the activity concerned "" Have the skills to cope with the chosen route "" Have an up-to-date weather forecast and ...read more.


nesting birds and adhere to any climbing restrictions during the nesting season "" The removal of vegetation including mosses and lichens (gardening) should be avoided wherever possible "" Damage can be caused by repeated top-roping of routes or by using a wire brush for cleaning "" Avoid any form of chipping or defacement of the rock; never carve your name in the rock etc "" Abseiling down routes can be harmful to the rock, damage vegetation and inhibit other climbers "" Where abseiling from trees is necessary, use a rope protector; even then this activity could kill the tree "" Climbing on frozen turf, or thin ice, can cause a lot of damage to vegetation Fixed equipment for climbing "" For all established climbing areas in Ireland, bolting is not permitted. Bolts have been used in a few new climbing areas only (details of these crags can be obtained from the MCI's Climbing Committee. "" Anyone considering placing new fixed equipment or replacing existing equipment should take careful account of local climbing ethics, the environmental sensitivity of the area, potential liability and public safety factors. ...read more.


> Be aware of the potential hazards and know what to do if something goes wrong Access, launching and Landing > Any flying accident must be reported to the safety officer as soon as possible. All accidents should also be reported to the BHPA > Any damage to crops, property or animals must be reported to the sites officer immediately so that the landowner can be informed. > Cars or other motor vehicles must not be driven across farmers' land unless prior permission has been obtained > Do not bring dogs onto club sites that are privately owned > Follow the country code: do not leave litter, do not climb over fences or walls and always shut gates behind you > Park your car with consideration to other road users and land owners > When flying try not to land in fields containing livestock and never land in fields containing horses > Check there is no shooting, or lambing (Feb to May) > Do not launch if the sky is crowded > Offer to act as anchorman or woman for other pilots These simple guidelines should be adapted to all outdoor activities 1 Essie Ryan ...read more.

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